What is it that makes fans in this city gravitate towards certain athletes? Of course, a player who produces in big spots is going to get shown the love, but one who is authentic and sincere will also typically endear himself to the people here.

That said, I’m pretty sure Alshon Jeffrey is my new favorite Eagle. After a somewhat quiet start, Jeffery’s production picked up mid-season and thus he earned himself a four-year deal worth $52 million that runs through the 2021 season. He then took his game up a level in the NFC Championship and Super Bowl, playing like a world fucking champion by hauling in a combined eight passes for 158 yards and three touchdowns. That’s production.

As for authenticity and sincerity, Jeffery was asked leading up to the New England game about the hype and atmosphere of Super Bowl week. His answers were perfect:


“Honestly, I think all this shit is terrible, doing all this. I think we could’ve stayed in Philly and come on Friday or Saturday.”


That laser focus translated into an outrageous 34-yard touchdown catch and ‘Mossing’ of Patriots cornerback Eric Rowe. Jeffery, who had guaranteed a win leading up to the game, had some thoughts just before the Eagles’ team plane left Minneapolis yesterday.

And…I’m in love.