Chris Long Bought His Teammates $130 Bottles of Whisky

Photo Credit: Crown Royal

Knowing that Kyle is currently on a months-long whisky kick, this is a story that probably spoke to him:

whisky! football! publish me now!”

Chris Long is looking out for his teammates after the Super Bowl win, buying each one a $130 bottle of Crown Royal extra rare, complete with a wicked blue velvet bag embroidered with a personalized note about the team’s victory:

“LII – congratulations 2018 champions, February 4, 2018”

Per press release, Crown Royal followed up with their own gift:

Crown Royal donated a total of $100,000 to Waterboys, a charitable organization within the Chris Long Foundation. Waterboys funds life-sustaining water wells for East African communities and Crown Royal helped fund two additional wells for those in need during the football season.

Crown Royal and Chris Long – two entities that hit like a truck but are easy to support.


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3 Responses

  1. Awesome , it is delicious I drink it all the time. Very nice of Crown Royal to donate the money. Chris Long you are an inspiration to many, if everyone’s heart was as big as yours the world would be an amazing place.

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