Court Docket: Jon Ritchie Arrested for DUI and Simple Assault

According to a court docket obtained by Crossing Broad, Jon Ritchie was arrested Friday morning for DUI and simple assault.

We’re awaiting confirmation and a statement from 94 WIP, but you can view the docket below, a public record, which identifies the accused as Jon David Ritchie of Bryn Mawr:

Ritchie was not on the air Friday, replaced by Tra Thomas.


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  1. No excuse for this. I mean, I know he hasn’t played in the NFL in a long time, but he has to have enough money saved up for an Uber or Lyft. He’s lucky he didn’t get himself or others seriously hurt.

    1. Anybody know why jim schw@rtz wasn’t at the parade ?
      Baldy wasn’t there either

  2. He was great on the Artie Lange Show a few years back. Glad to see him continue to follow in Artie’s footsteps. Next step, heroin addiction!

  3. Wow, he has the same birthday as me and doesn’t have to pack fake shirts in boxes fro a living.

    1. Simple assault always is. They always charge the maximum imaginable and then some. I recently sat a jury panel where the cop accidentally hurt himself on some drug paraphernalia of the junkie. The dirt got aggravated assault.

  4. Yo Ukee. My neighbor got stabbed with a fork at an Antifa backyard bbq. Why ain’t ya reporting that??

  5. About two months from now. Though Joe D can carry the show himself. He did it on The Fanatic. He was working 6-10pm shift for a long time. Was actually pretty good. Would go on these long monologues but he knows what he is talking about. One thing you can say about Joe is he does his homework.

      1. Enough with the Eyton fucking crap.
        Everyone knows he’s a pillow biter.

  6. WIP will be firing Jon on Monday. They were never sold on him in the first place. There are lots of rumors going around that they will make another push for Tony Bruno and Sean Brace. They know each other well from their time here at 97.5. They have strong chemistry. I could easily see a 3 man team for their mid days.

    1. That wigger Brace is moronic garbage that needs to be kept off the airways.
      Whats the story with his dead brother, anyway?

      Anyone giving Ritchie a hard time is a hypocrite. Would love to know the whole story of his DUI.
      Ex-pros are all I want discussing sports. Can’t stand clueless morons like Brace and Missanelli with his pandering to the brothas.

    2. What hurts Jon is the court date isn’t scheduled till March 14th. How can you have the guy on the air when every other call will be asking him about it. He can’t discuss it under advice of his attorney. Now March 14th rolls around and the judge orders him into some kind of rehab which be another 3-4 weeks. That’s two months from now at the earliest he would return to air. If this was simply public intoxication like that radio guy who ended up in someone’s room he would be back in three weeks. Jon can’t even apologize until after March 14th because it would be an admission of guilt.

      1. I would bet this doesn’t get settled within a year. He can afford an attorney who will defend him thoroughly.

    3. Shut the fuck up. Sean brace the 50 year old wigger. Nobody wants to hear that retarded frat boy. He sucks. Plain and simple. And Bruno aint coming back he has said it a million times over. You claimed brace was coming back after innes got canned. Just stop with this kinda shitty reporting you could be writing for kyle

  7. Brace, LOL. No shot that clown returns to radio in a major market, back to Scranton buddy.

  8. I heard from a reliable source that Ritchie ran over a shitty little A4 with his monster truck.
    This wouldn’t have happened to an A8.

  9. No to Brace. I like Joe. Honestly, was just OK with Ritchie. I fully agree that the assault charge is probably BS. This means he gave the cop “attitude”. Wonder what his blood alcohol reading was?

  10. I heard her went on a bender after he found out his chick sucked off Eytons monster dong at wing bowl.

  11. They would have taken blood at the station. Let’s see what comes back. We don’t know the details. Maybe he was drunk. I can tell you a friend of mine had a crash with a neighboring police department recently. He hit his head on the steering wheel. The air bag never came out but should have. His tire blew out and he hit a telephone poll going about 35 mph. He tried to explain to the officer that he wasn’t feeling well and hit his head. The officer insisted that he do a bunch of tests. He failed them and was placed under arrest. Took blood at the station. 0.0. Then, they tried to say he must have been on drugs. He went, ironically to Bryn Mawr Hospital the next day and was diagnosed with a concussion.

    All I am trying to say is that we don’t have the full story yet. He could be guilty or maybe not.,

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      1. Na it’s true. That chick on instagram posted a pic of his dick last year. Dude is hung bro.

  13. 9.97…. aaaaand RIGHT BACK to the sewer…. nice to see some things never change Kyle….

  14. The Aton Shander rumors are BS.

    He talks a big game about being on Tinder but the truth of the matter he looks like a foot. He is not pulling in anything respectable. The other day he called Nat Egg a “strong woman” like she’s going to even look at him.

    There’s no way he’s got a huge c0ck either. BDN is BDN because he walks around like he knows he’s got one. Shander is so needy and combative, he’s clearly accounting for something that’s not there. I’d say 3 soft, 4.5 hard.

    1. This is BS. EYTAN — get his name right, dope — makes $450,000 a year and is at least 7 inches hard. He has hooked up with Julie D multiple times and was offered a 3-way with the Ertz’s.

      1. For real. Shanders got a fucking hog. And he lays pipe all over ole city.

        Granted, Big Dick Nick is bigger, but Eytan is most certainly packing some heat. 8-9inches fully hard.

  15. Richie does seem a little unhinged to me . Like he has issues . But the bottom line is he isn’t a great radio personality a la Ike Reese; so he too shouldn’t be on WIP

    1. Ike seems like a nice guy, and almost any pro is better than someone who was never a pro, but his voice is like nails on a chalk board and he is as dumb as a rock.

  16. Who’s the asshole reporting the parade was on 700k people

    1. They did a digital graph of the crowd and estimated there were 1.8 million people there. The 700k is a total farse.

  17. Can’t believe Ray Diddy made the parade. Word is he was enjoying a lot of nose candy and was a complete mess

    Ol Ray could never stay off the white stuff

    1. Remember when Ray Diddy said CowChip Kelly would be a better coach than Andy Reid. Should kick him out of the HOF for that one.

  18. They took a road trip to Arkansas. Eytan said he needs to stop because he drank a lot of coffee. Anyway they stop at this bridge to do their business. Eytan is looking down and river and said damn that water is cold and Nick said it’s deep too.
    I rest my case.

  19. I was intrigued when I saw 50+ comments and was pleasantly surprised when 90% of them were about Eytan’s size and how he shoots ropes. Keep it up comment section.

    Never forget how much money Kyle has stolen from underprivileged Philly kids with his illegal t-shirt scam.

  20. Funny Thursday Ritchie was all revved up on air, doing an EAGLES chant and talking about his green hair. Sounded like he was ready to run through a brick wall. Now this story makes sense.

    1. Also : will they kill the Gruden commercial where he mentions a call in the middle of the night saying he needs to bail out Ritchie ?

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