Crossing Broadcast: The Shuffle, The Process, The Future

Adam and Russ discuss the Eagles’ coaching shuffle, rehashing the Process, and acquiring an MVP candidate. The guys also answer off-the-wall questions about hoagies and creating the ultimate 4-man-bobsled team of Philly athletes.

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11 Responses

  1. Great time to be a 4 for 4 guy!!!!!! We coming America

      1. Cuz will get shit canned.
        I’m still wondring how Debella keeps his job
        with that Jen Posner harrasment lawsuit…..To much tit/ass/pussy grabbing….apparently.

  2. Keep recording at night. Way better and you’re able to put more effort into it to make it better quality and you’re able to get it out in time for the morning commute.

    1. I agree. I always do my podcast listening in the morning on the way to work. tough to listen to the cuz and ang so I podcast it

  3. These dopes are doing a podcast for free for an audience of 20 people while Shander makes $450k and has millions of listeners

    1. Shandler is an update girl. He’s making peanuts. He’s lucky to be on the air at all.

      He’s no Nick Kayal!!! Nick has a big time morning drive show. That’s real talent.

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