Free Beer, Dilly Dilly!

After Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles banished the Patriots to the Pit of Misery, Budweiser made good on a promise with Lane Johnson – free beer at the Super Bowl parade.

The back story here is that Lane said he’d buy brews for the entire city if the team won it all. A few days after, Anheuser-Busch said they’d cover the bill. They’ll have reps along the parade route this week to execute the plan, the same way the Birds executed on offense Sunday night.

Here’s your confirmation:

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One Response

  1. That is a good move for Bud (which is actually owned by the Heineken, a Dutch company), this is beer that you’d pretty much have to give away. Much good will. But, they’ll also open themselves up for lawsuits by the girls dressed in as little as possible representing the company. Harassment and shit, a lesson they will have learned from the girls that do that stuff for Monster Energy.

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