Gabe Kapler Comes In Hot And Some Other Phillies Notes


Phillies pitchers and catchers will work out for the first time on Wednesday, but we already have some news and notes emerging from Clearwater. Here’s what we learned today:

1) Gabe Kapler, predictably, has come to camp looking hot.

You are going to read a lot over the next few weeks about the team’s need to solidify the top of its rotation with a veteran arm to go along with Aaron Nola ahead of a bunch of back-end starters that possess both varying degrees of talent and uncertainty. The Phillies’ success this season likely hinges upon the front office’s ability to fill that need. Meanwhile, one under the radar story that I’ll be following in the early going is how the players will handle showing up to Clearwater after an offseason of rigorous workouts only to find that their manager is in better shape.

Look at him. I’m telling you, he looks like one of those mannequins at Dick’s Sporting Goods draped in Nike Dri-Fit. Will the players feel emasculated, or will they feel protected and motivated by a manager that is more of a man than they are? Stay tuned.

2) The Phillies will sport the powder blues on select Thursdays this season.

The Phillies have rocked these, on occasion, in recent years, but they will be a more consistent part of the uniform rotation in 2018. It’s not exactly the Eagles announcing a kelly green comeback, but it’s a cool look that should add some visual appeal whenever they roll them out.

3) Some Phillies are working out in different positions.

This is an interesting note from Jim Salisbury. Scott Kingery taking reps at third base should come as no surprise given the team opted to keep second baseman César Hernandez this past offseason. Kingery was dominant in the minors a season ago and doesn’t have anything left to prove there. Still, it’s more than possible that Kingery doesn’t make the Major League roster out of camp. Finding regular at-bats for him at the Major League level should be one of the organization’s top priorities this spring. Meanwhile, Roman Quinn, who turns 25 in May, has long possessed the tools to be a big league starter, but numerous significant injuries have derailed his ascent to Philadelphia. Quinn’s case is an interesting one. It would certainly be intriguing to finally see what he can do with the Phillies as an extra outfielder, but he may be better served by getting consistent work at Lehigh Valley. As for Tommy Joseph at third base, good luck with that.

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5 Responses

  1. Hey CBWanker2,

    Nothing on Jon Ritchie rubber glove orifice search at the police station?
    Did they use coconut oil for this?

    I’m not happy unless i know something is going up a players A$$…………………

  2. Someday, Phils will wear a powder blue unie with red pinstripes, and powder blue hats with a red bill. How cool would that be?

  3. Gabe Kappler’s body, Ellen in back to back posts not to mention all the other innuendos thrown around… I’m seeing a trend here boys, n I’m likin it! what I got, you gotta get it n put it in you..

  4. October parade. Can’t wait.

    Honestly, should be a decent year. I think they’ll contend with the division. Can only go up from last year.

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