Stop the presses! While Sixers fans were prepping themselves for Joel Embiid’s start in tonight’s All-Star game, Ben Simmons – an All-Star in our hearts – stole some social media headlines when he took to Instagram and posted a picture of himself with LeBron James, John Wall, and Tristan Thompson.

In the hours that have followed, many (or just me) have called this image of greatness the newest incarnation of the infamous Banana Boat photo of LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade.

One cannot help but to think about the greatness of a potential lineup of Ben Simmons, LeBron James, John WallTristan Thompson, Joel Embiid, Robert Covington, and Markelle Fultz.

This incited a mini-riot in our Slack channel leading me to ask the question: Would you want LeBron James on this Sixers team?


BWanksCB: “I understand the worry over LeBron James coming here and dictating personnel moves and subsequently hijacking a fun and likable team. I can also appreciate fans who prefer to win organically, but since when are we so selective over ‘how’ we want to win? If James wants to sign up to play here and make Philadelphia THE best show in the NBA, then I’m all about it.”

JoyOnBroad: “Are there character concerns with LeBron? Yes and no. The greatest player of his generation – perhaps ever – stays out of legal trouble and out of the tabloids. He does, however, have a track record of influencing player personnel choices and leaving teams with a roster of overpaid, overrated role players with little cap room and practically no assets for the future. All of that said, LeBron could bring PG13 with him. In that scenario, we never need to worry about Ben developing a jump shot, nor Markelle remembering how to basketball. That scenario isn’t inconceivable in Philly these days. After all, the Eagles won the Super Bowl, the Phillies signed Carlos Santana, the Flyers are fighting for a playoff spot featuring young players like Nolan Patrick, Travis Konecny, and Ivan Provorov, and the Union traded $1 million of Jay Sugarman’s MLS’ money for a player. Bring me a title. I’ll handle the fallout later.”

Kevin: “Why wouldn’t you want LeBron?”

Phil: “LeBron on the Sixers as currently constituted makes them favorites in the East. I really don’t care about his baggage. I would love to have Simmons and Embiid learn about being a world-class player from the greatest player of his generation. For that matter, LeBron might play four years here as opposed to three somewhere else. This is not a difficult decision. The Process was designed to make great players want to play in Philadelphia. If LeBron will come here, you have to do it and worry about the ancillary issues after the first parade.”


Anthony: “Quite simply, if you have the opportunity to bring in a talent like LeBron James, how can you say no? It’s instantaneous championship contention. Would you turn down the best player in any other sport if one of the Philly teams traded for or signed them? Not at all. It’s automatic relevancy. However, there is so much drama that follows LeBron wherever he goes. He’s very picky about his teammates. He’s very picky about his coach. And there are guys in pro sports who are great players, great winners, but there’s just something about them that makes you feel like you don’t want them to win. Tom Brady is that way… Sidney Crosby is that way. A-Rod was that way. LeBron is that kind of superstar. And that sucks the life out of you a bit. Seriously, wasn’t the Eagles championship so much better because there wasn’t a me-first star player on the team? Think about the Phillies in 2008. Same thing. So yeah, it’d be so much better if the Sixers went on to win without a hired gun superstar. Let Simmons and Embiid come into their own and be the stars that lead you to that championship. And if they don’t, then we never should have trusted the process… but that’s a whole other discussion for another day.”

Coggin: “I think I agonized more over this question than the question of what to name my son. My brain says ‘yes,’ of course the 76ers should sign arguably the greatest player to ever play in the NBA. My heart says ‘no,’ as I’d much rather prefer the focal point of this team to be either Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, or Markelle Fultz if Herb Magee takes him under his wing and fixes his busted shot. So **** it, **** Lebron. He’s a passive aggressive wine-lush who would make the Sixers trade Dario Saric for Carmello Anthony or some horse**** like that. Build the team around the young stars, develop what you have, and then sign a superstar who won’t sub-tweet catty remarks about his teammates after a three-game losing streak.”

Jeff: “The fact that this is even a debate is insane. It’s LEBRON JAMES. The best player in the world. Maybe the best of all time. Meanwhile, the Sixers haven’t won a title in 35 years. I just wrote that and had to think about it for a second to make sure it was right. THIRTY FIVE YEARS. Most of the writers on this site weren’t alive that long ago (Phil was in college I think). Who the hell are we to even THINK about whether we would want him here next year? Well, I lived through the Process. I watched damn near 70 games of a team that won 10 the whole season. I earned the right to decide how I want MY Sixers team to finally win their next championship. And it ain’t LeBron coming here with his Klutch crew messing **** up for a year, MAYBE beating Golden State and then leaving us high and dry. In the immortal words of Sam Wyche, WE DON’T LIVE IN CLEVELAND. We live in Philly, and maybe this is the lingering Super Bowl high, but I want a parade led by Joel Embiid and Brett Brown, not LeBron James. That said, Paul George is more than welcome.”

You’ve heard from us. Would YOU want LeBron James on the Sixers? Phone lines are open for the first time tonight!