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We are only doing a limited run of these hoodies. They are printed on super-soft, premium blends. The Philly Special is on a Bella Canvas sponge hoodie, and No One Likes Us We Don’t Care is on a lightweight French terry.

Also available, the best tank top ever:

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Shipping note: These will ship in roughly 14 days. We are still working to fulfill the first run of orders and are currently running at about 14-day shipping timeframes. If you have a previous order that has not yet been fulfilled, we are working HARD to get them out. My life goal is to have 99.8% of current orders shipped this weekend. We are only doing one run of the hoodies. The tank top will continue to be available into the summer.

We will only be doing one run of these hoodies, so if you want one, act fast.

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19 Responses

  1. So you’re not even going to bother to fix the incorrect diagram? Or is that what makes these “limited edition”…that you have a bunch that are wrong to unload?

  2. how are you still selling the Philly Special gear without actually fixing where the players were actually lined up presnap? Trey was not outside – more in a bunch formation with Torrey in front right of him? at least fix the design!

      1. Are you kidding?
        That sounds like an answer a politician would make to justify his **uckup.

        Sorry Kyle, making it look ‘pretty’ and incorrect is worse than making it correct..
        “I like your cute philly special shirt…to bad its fucking wrong”

        wow……………..this is really sad.

  3. Are you going to pay Jason Kelce a fee for using his image on your shirts?
    Are you going to give any money to chairity?

  4. Wow man.. Kyle is trying to piss off the entire O line.
    Where are the big V, wisniewski and b brooks fake shirts?

  5. Or you could go to any corner in Philly and buy these shirts for $10

    I respect the hustle not the blatant copyright infringement

  6. Has anyone actually bought any of these shirts?
    How many washing before the image starts wearing off/fading?

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