MAYORAL WARS – Jim Kenney vs. Jason Kelce

Photo Credit: Jennifer Corbett / The News Journal via USA TODAY NETWORK and Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY NETWORK

When examining historic speeches, I think any top five has to include Mel Gibson, John F. Kennedy, and Jason Kelce. It’s Braveheart, presidential politics, and Eagles football, in no particular order.

“Kelce for mayor!” shouted the crowds after their football champion’s impassioned address, one hoarsely extolling the virtue of proving others wrong.

With his popularity immediately skyrocketing, SportsRadio 94 WIP then ran a poll: who would you vote for in a Jim Kenney vs. Jason Kelce election?

As of Thursday night, Kelce was leading 98% to 2%.

Kenney happened to be listening in the car when the poll was mentioned on-air, so he dialed up Jon Marks and Ike Reese and dropped an accidental expletive that WIP safely dumped out of.

Audio after the jump:

One thing both candidates have going for them is that they both dislike the Cowboys, so that’s a win/win. Just gotta check with Kelce to get his stance on the Soda Tax, and then I’ll sit down with the Inquirer’s editorial board to write up a formal endorsement.

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4 Responses

  1. Philly is a sanctuary city, right? Kelce might be mayor sooner than you think, Trump is gunning for all these azzhole sanctuary city mayors

  2. Kenney and every other P.O.S. Left wing scumbag politician needs to be fired and America needs to be made Great again.

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