Mike Francesa Says Jason Kelce Should be “Cut” After Parade Speech

Recently retired New York blowhard Mike Francesa wasn’t a fan of Jason Kelce’s Super Bowl parade speech.

I missed it earlier this week, but apparently Francesa, with that repulsive accent of his, went on the “WOR Sports Zone” with some guy named “Sal Licata” (a real person) to discuss Kelce’s address.

Listen after the jump:

Francesa on Kelce:

“Should have stayed home, the jerk. Why is it that I have to be in my car when these guys win championships, and they decide that they are going to grace the audience with this profanity-laced stupidity? You gotta turn it off, your kids can’t even listen to it. He sounded like a total moron. How about going up there and being a champion and acting like a champion and not acting like a total moron? I turn that stuff off. I’ve seen LeBron James do that, now I’ve seen him do that. You know what? It’s not the time or place. You ever hear about winning like a champion? Somebody should have taken a hook and pulled him off.”

(some blabbing here)

“People were replaying it like it was the greatest thing in the world. How dumb are you to replay that? I wouldn’t give that one second of airtime. That’s embarrassing. That’s not the time or place to do that. You got kids who take off from school. You got families who, this is a life experience for them, to be at a parade for a Super Bowl for a city, and you go up there and get into a 15-minute, profanity-laced tirade? It’s ridiculous. Nobody wants to hear that. If I was the owner of the team, I’d cut him.”

He says some more stuff about the Eagles after that and actually credits the team and the front office for the Super Bowl win.

You can listen to that if you want, or you can watch this again:

No one likes us… we don’t care!

h/t Sons of Ben / Millwall F.C. 


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    1. hahah thats funny.
      No one in Philly gives a flying fuck about what some NY sports station thinks about philly.
      Obviously this is an attempt to get attention.

      He turns that stuff off, but he doesn’t have any problem bitching about it and drawing
      more attention to it.
      “FUCK EM'”

      Excuse me, i have to go order me some more Super Bowl 52 merch.

      1. High Fives Pizza Mike. Regardless of age, gender, and class, to a woman and man, all of my friends thought Kelcie’s parade speech, song, and mummers costume spoke to what Philadelphia is as a city, and what we think of our sports teams. GO BIRDS 2018 !!

    2. Thank God for Francesca’s comments, which are spot on. I am a Philly guy with no kids, and it disgusts me that the media and Eagles front office were ok with this low class rant. I understand that it is accepted with all of the low-life’s that love the movies. They don’t care that the kids go to these movies so they certainly are not bothered by the Kelce rant.

      1. Sorry you’re such a pussy. Speech was amazing, if you don’t like it ignore it, it’s not like it happened on National TV and you were forced to watch it.

    1. Why would the Christians be embarrassed ? Christians can’t get angry? Christians don’t ever curse? We Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven and I, a Christian, loved Kelce’s passionate speech. Thank you, my Philadelphia Eagles

  1. Imagine giving this asshole any attention whatsoever. Great stuff as usual Crossing Broad.

      1. Maybe he’s getting a kick back from Kyle to generate some of the 3 million page views per month for Kyle?
        That’s why i’m here…and for the free fake t shirts………..

        1. Stop talking so much goddamn sense Kevin Kinkeid UGGGGHHHH go stuff a cheesesteak in that yapper and maybe write some more good articles while you’re at it.

  2. Moral giants looking down on the lititle people, eh. Why are you even watching football then?? Do you think the culture of NFL is actually child friendly? Why do people who are morally offended frequently seem to use children as justification? You think swearing is so bad then you aren’t paying attention to the general raping this country is getting from its own leadership, both sides of it. Somehow the kiddies will live …. now go F yourself .

  3. I live in central jersey, work in Long Island, and was stuck listening to that arrogant ass Mike Francesa for years. He was absolutely unlistenable, rude to his callers, condescending, the absolute self proclaimed authority of everything. NY ESPN is a 1000 times better, as is any NRP station, and the radio off. New York is just awful. Awful people, awful sports teams, awful drivers, awful roads. So I thanked the Lord daily when Fracesa left the airways. But like a hemorrhoid problem, he turned up again. Hey Francesa, go suck Eli Manning’s dick again.

    But yeah, Kelce would have been better without the f bombs.

  4. How did kelce get a pass from mike miss and utley didn’t ?

  5. Who gives a shit what that NY idiot thinks Thank goodness he doesn’t run the team The only thing he’s capable of running is his mouth Francesca always trying 2 make headlines while he is in limbo only it backfired on him because he doesn’t understand Eagles fans and the city Francescas comment only stoked the fire of support 4 Kelce his love of the game the championship and the city Stay out of our affairs and worry about ur woeful underachieving Giants who don’t have anything 4 u 2 RAVE about and won’t 4 a long time Ur ridiculous CUT HIM comments may resonate with ur NY brethren with its WOW effect but ur not even on Philly radar

  6. PS Francesca is pissed because his Giants were picked by many prognosticators 2 win the NFC East but instead had LAST place locked up by November He’s the embodiment of everything bad about NY it’s roads it’s drivers it’s teams and it’s people and it’s radio OBNOXIOUS radio


  8. Maybe the next time a NY team wins anything you can start talking, why would anyone listen to NY Sports Radio then don’t even have sports teams. They have fat ass Chris Christie talking sports that’s how bad NY Sports had come too…
    F-u Francesa and Chris Chistie go sit on your empty beach together hope you get stuck on the bridge.

  9. What an idiot. The speech was great, heart felt and true. As far as being profanity-laced, he dropped the F-bomb twice. Once in the song “No one likes us” and once at the end. He said freaken a lot, but that’s not a curse word. Also, if it was to embarrassing for him to listen and he turned it off, then how can he comment on it? Philly loved it and that’s all that counts. Go Birds!

  10. He also said they deserve a lot of credit for accomplishing what they did this year. So he didn’t like kelces rant, I’m not surprised, he’s a NY mouth. Infact, had he said he liked the speech, I’d know he was a lying fuck. He did more praising than trashing in the clip (even mentioning how well the o-line played) who gives a fuck, I hear mouthy NY fans all the time, this isn’t story worthy.

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