Nick Foles Talks Super Bowl and Lessons Learned on ‘Ellen’

via Youtube

It’s been a hell of a run for Eagles quarterback Nick Foles over the past nine days. He’s earned a Super Bowl MVP, morphed into a Philly sports legend, visited Disney World, and led an epic parade through the heart of the city.

Now he can add a guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to the list. In an appearance that will air later this afternoon on NBC, Foles discusses the Super Bowl and the lessons he learned during a difficult one-year stint with the Rams that almost caused him to walk away from football for good. You can watch the appearance after the jump.

And then he wins a pair of Beats Headphones for the entire audience:

Stay hot, Nick. Stay hot.

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21 Responses

  1. told me he nearly killed 3 people driving drunk…they are still in the hospital on life support. Can’t believe he’s back on the air already and acting like it’s no big deal

    1. He was only charged with DUI and simple assault and released ROR. If your statement was even remotely true he would have had greater charges and bail would have needed to be set and posted if given at all.

  2. So Jon Ritchie is allowed to nearly kill someone and be on the air but Eytan Shander gets stuck doing update girl duties just because he has a mammoth, throbbing c0ck?

    1. You seem to have a preoccupation with Eyton Shanders junk.
      I suggest you shave you head and attend more Ellen shows.

  3. About the TJ tripdoub, are any points taken away since he racked that stat line up against the sh!tty azz KP-less knicks?

  4. Her yearly income from the show is estimated to be $50-$75 million. I don’t think that takes into account her commercial endorsements. She has been in a ton of TV commercials and ad campaigns. She doesn’t have Oprah money but who does. Forbes has her net worth at about $2.8 billion. It’s insane.

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