Orange & Black & Gold

The moment Las Vegas was granted an NHL expansion team, some fans were happy to have another excuse to gamble away their life’s savings. Most fans were just excited to travel to Las Vegas to establish home-ice advantage. That’s exactly what happened on Sunday night, when the Orange & Black staged an invasion akin to that of DX’s on WCW Monday Nitro.

It all started well. In fact, Vegas’ mascot – who inexplicably isn’t a Golden Knight – prepped the poles outside of T-Mobile Arena:

The folks over at Broad Street Hockey, in conjunction with Phans of Philly, threw a pregame party, at which point you got the feeling that there would be a sizable number of Flyers fans in attendance.

Is everyone sure this wasn’t a home game?

“Maybe it was just that section of the arena!” – Some Golden Knights fan

Doubtful. Do I hear some spelling? I think I do!

Biggest loser on the night? Pierre-Édouard Bellemare who, when asked pregame about what he wanted to prove to the Flyers’ Front Office, said:

Something tells me they aren’t convinced.

With the win, the Flyers are now 4-0 since the Eagles won Super Bowl LII. If you include the Sixers in that stat, Philadelphia teams are 7-0 since that Super Bowl win.

This was pointed out by Adam Lefkoe on this morning’s Crossing Broadcast.

Here’s to you, Vegas. Thanks for the hospitality. More importantly, thanks for the win.

Yeah, but we won the Super Bowl. How confident are you in this guy?


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  1. Cute little article, but i was at the game last night. T Mobile capacity for hockey is 17,500. Real good showing by Flyer fans but there were maybe 4000, it was hardly a “Flyers home game”. Red Wings fans had a better showing. And it still doesn’t change the fact that despite the outcome last night, the (expansion) Knights are a much better team than the Flyers. But hey, keep being proud of “traveling well”

    1. Over online bootleggers lifting his bootleg online Ts? Anything on an article yesterday on about 3 guys not named Kyle working to secure the phrase Philly Special? Anything on whether you really need a degree from Villanova to be a T-shirt huckster? Anything on Kyle’s Philly Special diagram being completely inaccurate and thusly an illegal formation? Anything ???

  2. The original Herb D. would not support that comment…I’m 75% sure Larry Kane wouldn’t support it and 94% sure that “Big Al” Meltzer wouldn’t….looks like a lot of orange in the pics and videos and the Eagles fight song(s) were loud as hell…nice job by the road team’s fans! Lighten up Herb. Go Flyers!

  3. I love how I get zero credit for reporting on Nick Foles gigantic penis. Y’all give credit to Conor Barwin. It’s bull shit. I reported his 10 incher months before the Barwin article.

    1. I am with you Spuds. I know you were all over that. We all got your back you creepy little bald perv.

  4. Where is the cuz at this morning ??
    Big dick Angelo has Carson Wentz on and cuz calls out ???

  5. WOW
    First this…what’s next?
    Choking in the playoffs?

    The flyers are the new ‘longest losers’ in Philly.

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