Police Thought Corey Clement was a Barricade Jumper

Fresh off a 100-yard receiving performance in the Eagles’ first-ever Super Bowl win, Corey Clement was confused for an unruly fan at Thursday’s parade.

Video shot by Jon James and posted on Instagram shows police officers approaching Clement, grabbing him, and then letting him go when realizing he was actually a player:

Looks like the bike cop tells the other officers that Clement is with the motorcade. Police radio chatter was buzzing at the start of the parade, asking for their colleagues to keep the players on the buses for security reasons.

Listen, it happens. We’ve all been there before.


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  1. No one, I mean NO ONE, cares about this blog since Kyle bragged about getting “investors” and beefing up the staff….looks like that move backfired spectacularly.

    I mean, comments are virtually non-existent on just about every story.

    RIP corny t-shirts…

      1. Hey Kevin, I noticed that Crossing Broad writers seem to be 100% White, 0% Black with the rest being Hispanic or Asian. They also same to be all men. Let me guess your middle initial is “K”?

        1. yea, it’s Keith.

          btw, can’t believe you wasted your time writing 5 racist paragraphs in a response to the parade story. did you really think that wasn’t gonna be flagged?

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