Report: The Phillies Are Having Discussions With Jake Arrieta

Photo Credit: Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies’ starting rotation is littered with several question marks, but they’re reportedly having discussions that could lead to one emphatic answer:

Do. The. Deal.

This isn’t a signing that should be made at all costs, but if the market comes back to the Phillies and presents a pitching-needy team with an opportunity to snag Arrieta, who will turn 32 in early March, then they HAVE to do it. A deal valued at $28-32 million per year over three years seems fair. Arrieta would become one of the highest-paid starting pitchers in terms of annual value, and the Phillies get markedly better in the short-term without having to worry about the dead weight of a mega-deal hampering their financial flexibility five years down the road. Such a deal would not compromise the team’s financial flexibility to jump into a loaded free agent market ahead of the 2019 season.

Arrieta’s performance has declined over the past two years, but he was still productive in 2017, posting a 14-10 record with a 3.53 ERA and 163 strikeouts over 168.1 innings.

The immediate impact of adding Arrieta would be substantial. His presence would give the Phillies a legitimate arm to pair with Aaron Nola and would help bring stability to a rotation in desperate need of it. If the Phillies had firm answers in the middle of their rotation, the need here wouldn’t be as great, but they don’t. After Nola, the rotation consists of regular-sized question marks (Jerad Eickhoff and Vince Velasquez) followed by even larger ones (Nick Pivetta, Ben Lively, Thomas Eshelman, Mark Leiter). Arrieta’s addition would push the Phillies to the fringe of contention if their lineup makes reasonable strides. This deal not only improves the roster, but it sends a strong show of support from the front office to a young team and most certainly sets the tone for what could be an exciting season. The Phillies have an opportunity to generate legitimate optimism for the first time in more than five seasons, so let’s see if they can get it done.


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    1. Yes he is, his ‘hairline’ is not listening and hasn’t responded for
      at least 17 years. After that Ron Popeil ‘GLH spray on hair’ incident
      in the later 90’s its likely to never respond.
      CBwanker2 will probably have better luck biting off the tongue
      of the ShamWow guy.

  1. I’ll Believe it when I see it. More likely this is usual gamesmanhip from Arrietas agent Scott Boras trying to create interest for his client. The Phils will take the free P.R.” Well We Tried” B.S. anytime they can get it. Wise Phils fans no better.

    1. Yo yo yo let me tell ya something. I bet John Middleton put his fist thru a wall when Carlos Santana accepted his $60 M offer.

      Of all the Great Players available the past 6 years( Kershaw,Greinke,Stanton,Scherzer,VerlanderCano etc etc) Phils decide to blow their wad on fading stars like Carlos Santana and Arrieta.

  2. cant wait to pay Arrieta the “Cliff Lee special” where he hangs out in another state while collecting the back end of his contract

  3. if he wants more than 3/90 tell him to go fuck himself… fuck any deal longer or more expensive than that.. his velo is down and it isn’t coming back… you can probably 2-3 pitchers who can eat his innings and have a better fWar for less thank 90m…. the only thing this signing does is show the santana signing wasn’t some drop in the bucket and they are trying to compete when really everybody knows the phils are still a year or more off from a wild card/playoff spot

    stupid stupid shit to sign big name pitchers at this point.. they won’t help

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