Sixers Notes: Let’s Start Playing Basketball Again

If we’re being honest, there really wasn’t much to report from Sixers practice today.

The All-Star Break is over, there really aren’t any pertinent questions to ask, and I think media and fans alike just want to get on with the Sixers’ first postseason push of the Brett Brown era.

But first – let’s start with Markelle Fultz.

He didn’t do anything differently out there today, working with Billy Lange on a far court. Fultz shot layups and short-range jumpers and didn’t look any better or any worse than anything I’ve seen in the previous three months. For that reason, there wasn’t any merit to shooting video.

JJ Redick spoke to the media and offered an unprompted follow-up to the statement he made Sunday regarding the video in which he accidentally voiced a slur:

Deliver us to the Playoffs

For Brett Brown, this is new territory. Never before in his Sixer tenure has the team been in a post-All Star break playoff race. He’s been there plenty of times as an assistant, but not as a head coach, and not with this young group of players.

The Sixers are 30 and 25 and currently in 7th place in the east. They’re two games back from fourth-place Washington, so home court is certainly attainable if they navigate a road-heavy start to the final third of the schedule.

The most interesting thing is what the Sixers do with Joel Embiid down the stretch. Do they push him in a home court bid or focus on just getting into the playoffs with a healthy 7’2″ center?

Brown says it’s more of the latter:

“Everything is still, and it should be, delivering him to a playoff round. It’s not like cramming for the exam and doing whatever we can to get home court. It’s not that at all. So I feel like the line, the path we’re all on, is both professional and responsible. It’s that, more than trying to cram for an exam.”

Makes sense to me. What’s home court with a banged up Embiid? I think most people would prefer a 100% Joel as the 6th seed, rather than a 60% Joel as the 4th seed.

The Sixers have six back-to-backs remaining on the calendar and Embiid has only played two this season, going 1-1 in the second half of those 48-hour spells. His management in those situations is going to be crucial down the stretch.

Anderson’s Ankle

Justin Anderson’s right ankle still looks pretty swollen.

He was walking around barefoot today after practice and came over to speak to media about the injury that kept him out of the Miami game.

“Coming back from the shin situation, I started to get my groove back and gain the trust of my teammates and coaches. We were just hooping. Energy was good, everything was good. For this to happen was very unfortunate, but it’s part of God’s plan and I just continue to be faithful to the process and I’ll be good.”

Anderson suffered the injury in the Knicks game. He immediately limped off the floor after turning his ankle badly:

Anderson is simply listed as “out” on the injury report.

Furkan’s Foot

Furkan Korkmaz also spoke to media today, the first time since suffering a Lisfranc injury back in mid-December. The Turkish rookie says he feels good and doesn’t experience any pain.

“I was with the team (the whole time). This is my tenth week, and then after that I felt weird. I felt like a new baby. I started to walk again after six weeks and took the boot off two weeks ago. It takes a long time.

For now, I don’t want to give a (time frame) because it depends on the rehabilitation. I’ll try to get back as soon as possible and as healthy as possible. But I don’t feel any pain.”

Korkmaz didn’t require surgery and says he’s been shooting the entire time, boot on or off. He was able to shoot with a scooter that held him upright while staying in that boot. Now he’s able to go through the normal motions.

This is how the injury happened, during a game with the 87ers:


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  1. Since January 1st the Sixers have a league leading 10 wins against teams with a winning record. 2 each against the Spurs and Heat, as well as wins against the Celtics, Raptors, Bucks, Clippers, Pelicans, and Wizards.

    1. I’ll remember all of this when Your sitting at home after the sixers tank and don’t win a championship of YET ANOTHER YEAR!
      The best hing to come out of the WellsFargoCenter was an AC/DC concert.
      Everything else was SHIT!

  2. I woke up this morning feeling like someone drove a garbage truck through my ass. Wow is my ass tore up. I love huge thick loads on my back and face. MMMMMMMM!!!!!!

    1. Middle School must of let out a little early so you could get home and hop on the internet before mommy and daddy got home

  3. WOW!
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    Maybe he got knabbed for making those illegal fake dog shirts and pocketing the money
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    Can anyone confirm?

    1. Hearing rumors Kyle was in jail for multiple weeks for copyright infringement

      Kinker has been covering for him but no good enough because we all know what happened

      1. Kinker, can you confirm what happened to Kyle?
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        The vegas boys have the over/under jail time for 3 years
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        I’ll bet Kyle absconded to Fiji with that fake dog shirt money
        (lane johnson and the NFl gaves theirs to charity).
        Maybe he’ll have a site up soon.

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          seems like you’re a huge tool

          1. hey man its hard to come up with different names when you’re reading ‘soccer’ stories.

  4. They finished #1 in latest book with a remarkable 9.5 as of January 18th. The Fanatic finished 13th with a sad 3.1. It was an across the board demolition.
    Mike’s show is losing listeners since they switched to gossipy women’s radio featuring N@t.

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