As you may have heard, the Eagles and Patriots are set to square off in Super Bowl LII later this evening. It’s kind of a big deal. A New England win would mean a sixth Lombardi Trophy for the most evil franchise in sports and trigger further insufferable behavior by what is, without question, the most obnoxious fan base in all of sports. A Philadelphia win would erase decades of disappointment, mend broken hearts and set off the greatest party the people of this city have ever seen. Weddings and child births aside, today is the most important day of many Eagles fans’ lives.

Needless to say, not everyone is quite as excited about the possibility of Patriots or Eagles fans celebrating later tonight. Enter this Saturday Night Live Revolutionary War skit which took some fun jabs at both fan bases. It starts a bit slow, but picks up. Bonus points to Tina Fey’s Wawa and police horse references. I’ll give it a solid ‘B.’