Uber Driver Ed, whose video went a little crazy after we posted it the other day, actually showed up to our live podcast that night and thanked me for post.

Today, he emailed me the following:

Hey Kyle,

Glad I happened to be passing by in West Chester the other night, it was great to meet. Again, appreciate the share of that eagles in the uber video.

I figured I’ll keep sharing my content in case you want to use it. This is video is the extended version of the two gems from delco I picked up, the last lines back and forth between them is gold. (Ive been in contact with them, the fact they are on crossing broad has made their lives fyi).

You never go full Delco.

For real, though, I’m all-in on these guys. I need them to take a ride with Ed if the Eagles win. In fact, right after they win. And to the parade. Wonder if the Birds savant in the back ever got his hoagie sampled.