Peter King dropped an incredible MMQB today— he spent Saturday morning at the NovaCare Complex with Doug Pederson, Frank Reich (respect), and wide receivers coach Mike Groh going over the Eagles’ game-winning touchdown pass to Zach Ertz.

There is so much good stuff in here, I’m not even sure what to excerpt. But here’s a taste:

Foles wears a wristband with the Eagles’ play sheet for the day on it. In the Super Bowl, the wristband had 194 plays in tiny agate type. Pederson scanned all his possible third-down calls and found one he’d liked for weeks … number 145, a triple-bunch formation clustered to the right, a speedy back in Star motion, and tight end Zach Ertz alone at the left of the formation.

Foles looked at the wristband and found play 145. With the play clock running, Foles said to his huddle: “Gun trey left, open buster star motion … 383 X follow Y slant.”

They broke the huddle.

Everyone is talking about Philly Special (rightfully so), and while on the surface there is nothing remarkable about the touchdown throw to Ertz, King takes us inside to learn about the genesis of the play, which the Eagles ran for the first time in this configuration with just over two minutes to go in the Super Bowl.

Few things:

  1. Pederson’s philosophy to have three variations of plays to run out of different formations is brilliant.
  2. This really makes you appreciate, and miss, Frank Reich.
  3. Wide receivers coach Mike Groh sounds like he’s going to get a long, hard look at the open offensive coordinator position.

This piece is a must-read. You can do it here.