The Minnesota Vikings Foundation Sent Eagle Fans a Gift

Looks like the bad blood between Minnesota and Philadelphia is starting to subside.

Over on Eagles Reddit, there’s a post from a fan named ‘EYEsoar’ who says he/she received this in the mail from the Vikings Foundation:

The message reads:

Congratulations on your Super Bowl win Eagles fans!

To show our appreciation of your donation to the Minnesota Vikings Foundation we are excited to present you with this jar of authentic Eagle’s (sic) confetti from Super Bowl 52. Your positive attitude and great sportsmanship toward the Minnesota Vikings did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Thank you and SKOL!

Classy gesture right there.

You probably recall that some Eagle fans donated to the Mike Zimmer foundation after the fallout from the NFC Championship Game, particularly the story of the North Dakota radio host who penned Amazon about his negative experience in Philly (he later spoke with Crossing Broad about it). The Vikings Foundation is a different charitable arm than the Zimmer Foundation, but it looks like Eagle fans donated to both, more than $10,000 according to USA Today.



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    1. Funny thing about that vikings game.
      I watched a movie the day before.
      The movie was based in sweden and in the movie they did that SKOL chant crap.
      Then i went to the vikings game and saw the beatdown(NFL..not human) of a lifetime.
      It probably means nothing, just coincidence………………………..

      It was awesome and i wouldn’t trade it for anything.
      I have never been to a game with more energy in the crowd than that vikings game
      and i have been to plenty of games.
      Obviously Philly has been on the other end of the beatdown.
      Its our turn to live BABY!

  1. You defreeze every walkway from the Stadium to South street with the amount of salt the Vikings fans have given

  2. Its the same old shit. year after year………….
    Fans from other teams occasionally get treated like shit when they goto
    the opposing teams stadium to watch a game.
    I ran out of fingers counting the videos i’ve seen of beatings at other stadiums.
    And yes this includes the vikings fans.

    In the case of the eagles, the vikings fans knew this before they even step onto pattison ave to goto the stadium.
    Do they deserve it? probably not.
    Will it change? never.

    The vikings fans are not any better than anyone else.

    The act of charity was a nice gesture.
    Was there an alterior motive (attempt to make the vikings fans like eagles fans)…
    who knows……….

    I don’t dislike the vikings fans anymore or less than any other team.
    okay, i like them better than dallas fans.
    Still, i wouldn’t lay hands on any opposing fan unless they did it first.
    Would i ‘boo’ them and talk trash….probably.

    Once again, its the over blown social media swamp at it again.

  3. If it had gone the other way, I would have gotten over my Vikings hatred in 2 weeks to shove yet another team’s first championship in the Gold Standard’s face.

  4. Funny, this type of ‘confetti’ can be bought at any local party store
    and jamming it into a small plastic jar takes 20 seconds.
    And anyone can print that ‘letter’ with a vikings Helmet on it.
    Maybe throw in a picture of some hand picking up some at the
    super bowl(or make your own up) and you got yourself
    and instant business on ebay.

    You need to have this crap certified with a unique serial number on it.
    in a sealed jar that is tamper proof.
    Maybe by PSA or some other authenticator.

    Yeah…..i’ll buy it from you…for 2 bucks
    and a soft pretzel from cart guy at Darien and Pattison…only dropped once.

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