Looks like the bad blood between Minnesota and Philadelphia is starting to subside.

Over on Eagles Reddit, there’s a post from a fan named ‘EYEsoar’ who says he/she received this in the mail from the Vikings Foundation:

The message reads:

Congratulations on your Super Bowl win Eagles fans!

To show our appreciation of your donation to the Minnesota Vikings Foundation we are excited to present you with this jar of authentic Eagle’s (sic) confetti from Super Bowl 52. Your positive attitude and great sportsmanship toward the Minnesota Vikings did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Thank you and SKOL!

Classy gesture right there.

You probably recall that some Eagle fans donated to the Mike Zimmer foundation after the fallout from the NFC Championship Game, particularly the story of the North Dakota radio host who penned Amazon about his negative experience in Philly (he later spoke with Crossing Broad about it). The Vikings Foundation is a different charitable arm than the Zimmer Foundation, but it looks like Eagle fans donated to both, more than $10,000 according to USA Today.