The “Spirit” of Philadelphia

We’ve heard it before. “Eagles fans are the worst. They’re the scourge of the armpit of the NFL. They’re insufferable. Why should anyone root for the Eagles when they have fans like THAT?”

Perhaps the fine folks at Spirit Airlines who requested that the passengers on a Friday night flight TO Philadelphia “tone it down a little bit” will be asking themselves the same question. Though, I imagine, they’ll never forget this:

Again, this Midnight-Green-clad group wasn’t on the way to Super Bowl LII. They were heading home to the City of Brotherly Love. You want more angles? We’ve got more angles!

Not only did Eagles fans establish home-flight advantage in SoCal, they apparently set up residence in North Carolina as well:

Not everyone was thrilled.

You don’t, but we do. FLII Eagles FLII

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10 Responses

  1. 1. Better title for this post would’ve been eagles and airways

    2. What time will the parade be on Tuesday

  2. To all you ignorant pats fans. Believe me, you don’t want to play nick the dick . Your going to get your rear end handed to you by foles. Lol. You won your last super bowl for years to come. When wentz is back next year the Eagles will go on a run of at least 10 more after tomorrow. Not take your medicine and go to bed. Falcons done. Vikings done pats in the oven.

  3. Brady goes no huddle. Throws quick slants all day like Eli did. Long night.


    Patriots take away what you do best. Eagles rotate D line and rush the passer, the best. Long night.

    Hope I am wrong.

  4. ….and Brady will get a few first downs by quick snapping and running through the gaps in the Wide 9.

    He did it against the Washburn Wide 9. He will do it again.

    Long night.

  5. Iggle fans will burn down their own city after they get housed by the Patriots. You read it here first ya fitlhy animals!

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