There Are Billboards In Cleveland Recruiting LeBron James To ‘Complete The Process’


Riddle me this: Why would a home remodeling company based out of Chester, PA buy three billboards on I-480 in Cleveland? To recruit LeBron James to Philly, of course.

The three billboards, each with a different LeBron-to-Philly message, are located seven miles from Quicken Loans Area. Here they are:

I love it. It’s like the old saying goes: Sometimes in life if you want something, you just have to rent three strategically-placed billboards in Cleveland for three months and grab it.

Asher Raphael, the co-CEO of Power Home Remodeling, told ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

“We’re passionate about Philadelphia. We have an amazing city, it’s the best sports town and it’s an awesome place to live. We think the best athletes should want to play here.”

Simple enough. While it remains to be seen if James will heed the advice of the ploy and complete the process, at the very least, this is one hell of a creative (and funny) marketing strategy.

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61 Responses

    1. Literally: compelling Lebron to come to Philly–which will make him even more rich…..gong!

      (I’ll just show myself out…)

  1. A Waste of time to get this pantywaste crybaby diva.

    All he does it bitch and moan and try to run the team himself and get people
    fired if he doesn’t get his way.
    There is no room on the sixers for DIVA.

  2. Is everyone sleeping today? Where is Kinker. Heard he got arrested along with Kyle for the t shirts scams.

  3. Wait, isnt Embiid “the process”? So the company behind these billboards are rallying for LeBron to hook up with Embiid, disgusting

  4. And did we all quickly forget about Embiid shoving the ever living sh!t out of an eagles fan during the NFL playoffs? Heard that poor chap is still in ICU

    1. You’re a f-cking loser. You’re not funny and your comments are always corny as sh-t. Go sit in your mommy’s basement in jersey and beat off while you listen to sports radio all day.

  5. Breaking News!

    Nick Foles has been traded to the Vikings for a 1st and 3rd round pick in this years draft along with their 2nd round pick in next years draft.

  6. What millionaire loser would waste their $$ on this shit??
    Give that $$ to the lane Johnson charity

  7. “Why would a home remodeling company based out of Chester, PA buy three billboards on I-480 in Cleveland” because the cost of those three billboards pales compared to the free media they’ve gotten?

    1. True. Each billboard goes for about $5,000 per month plus the cost for design and printing. All in this was a $20,000 venture.

  8. Don’t bring this drama queen pussy to Philly . If things go south the first 25 Games of next season he will chip Kelly the sixers

  9. Nothing on Goodell wanting to extract millions of dollars from Jerry Jones pocket for
    Jones litigation bullshit last fall?

    Apparently the crossingbored work day starts at 1pm.
    Hey CBWanker2,
    Do you squeeze in 9 holes of golf before you start ‘work’?

  10. Jim Adair already posted 3 stories today. Plus, he announced he will be having Carson Wentz on his podcast tonight. Jim Adair is a total boss. Guys making tons of money, getting tons of pussy, and he’s got a fat fucking dick. Must be nice.

  11. It’s 10:47am…. Nothing on the hottest team in hockey moving into first place when they were dead last two months ago?

    Plus, the “Philly Special” was illegal formation. No one is buying those stupid shirts.

    1. I wonder if the subscribers are happy paying for a trainwreck of a site. How Kyle lured Dr. Jeffrey Wuhl and the others into investing in a ripoff t-shirt business is a fucking mystery.

    2. Pretty sure Anthony is just waiting until the Flyers lose to post something, so he can say how he told us the trend wasn’t sustainable.

    1. It’s guna be a battle in the playoffs when we have to play Austin Matthews and the Leafs. We are going to have to play up on our skates then.

  12. still waiting on their shirt order??? 2 and a half weeks now and still nothing. I’m canceling my payment if they dont come today…my buddy ordered his from “another” guy and had his in 3 days. That money went to help under funded schools in Philly too

  13. Now it’s noon and there are no posts today. I guess Kyle is too busy hiding from the feds and his knockoff t shirt ring. Kinker I don’t know? Maybe he got an STD.

  14. Used to come here multiple times a day. Now I check in once, maybe. I see you guys are really putting in work today.

    1. Now now it’s a really tough job to sit at a desk and check Twitter and Philly dot com and re purpose (err I mean aggregate) stories with little effort or imagination.

      You can’t expect Kyle to do that with all the knockoff t shirts he has to get out and you certainly can’t expect Kinker to do that with all the….things? he has to do.

  15. CB Readers I have an important announcement.

    Crossing Broad has been undergoing a facelift in 2018 and this week’s focus is to test out some new features to the CB Store. Therefore there will be no blog posts this week while we are making these improvements to the store.

    1. That’s awesome! I’m so psyched I was one of the suckers to believe that dropping $30 bucks for this site would provide more content, and not just a 5% discount on t-shirts. Good stuff guys, ‘preciate it. Can’t wait to see what the upgraded store looks like.

  16. I took a giant shit and produced more content with that than Kyle Scott”White Privilege” Laskowski will all week.

  17. Maybe you can also put on a filter in the comment section that blocks all the gay comments. I mean Jesus, my kids go on here. How am I supposed to explain gay shit to my kids? It’s ridiculous n

    1. Only republicans ask this questions because they are ignorant and uneducated.

      Some people are attracted to men and some people are attracted to women. Some people are attracted both and some people are attracted to neither. It doesn’t matter where you fall. There, explain that your fucking kids.

      1. Bruh, you trying to be an early contender for #1 SJW of ’18 or something? Your liberal rhetoric is insufferable

        1. Oh no poor snowflake needs a safe space! Go cling to your guns and your religion and only caring about yourself — the republican life mantra. God. Guns. Selfishness.

          1. Look who’s talking

            you were the biggest spineless jellyfish on this site. Sad part is you know it.


      Donny Long Ball goes out on top.,/>
      Donny Jones retired today as super bowl champion after 14 years in the NFL.

      I’m jealous – i wish i could retire at 38.

      1. They didn’t just call him Donnie Long Ball, they also called him Long Dong Donnie. Massive penis on this guy.

        1. Gotta love that dumb fuck making all the Eyton Shandler and Spadaro dick jokes.
          At least he nevers gives up even though he knows he’s an unfunny fuck and that chicks
          will find his attempts at humour sophmoric and 6th gradsih and they’ll know within the first 30
          seconds that he ain’t getting any pu$$y or A$$ (or anything else except maybe a moist towelette to ‘cleanup’
          after himself).

          1. I don’t know. I know a guy that’s always talkin about dick and he gets tons of pussy.

  18. Emma Gonzalez is such a rockstar. She is the perfect person to head the gun confiscation movement. Times up you stupid red neck republicans.

    1. So true. You see her on Ellen? I love how she just sat there Indian style on the couch whilst the other kids just sat there normally. She is such a rockstar. The left is so good at picking it’s leaders. I also loved her comparisons of England and Australia to the USA. She is brilliant

      1. Ok, there are 23 million people in Australia, including the natives. There are 52 million people in the UK. Out of these 75 million people, most of them never owned a firearm. In America we have 330 million people and over 350 million firearms. So most of us own a firearm. So the comparison doesn’t work.

  19. Not even a morning roundup? Or a kinker 6er blog, usually there’s at least one by now. Did kyle finally get pinched for the illegal tees?

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