Watch These Philadelphia Police Officers Dance With Eagles Fans

Earlier today, Kevin Kinkead wrote a thoughtful and articulate piece that explored multiple aspects of Thursday’s culturally diverse, spirited, and overwhelmingly good-natured parade crowd. It was a nuanced piece, one filled with several insightful observations that captured the feel of the day.

From my perspective, save for a few who couldn’t handle the excitement and/or booze (guy in front of me on PATCO who tried to urinate into a Sprite bottle and missed, badly—I’m talking to you), the people were fantastic and the city of Philadelphia was unequivocally at its finest.

I would have thought by now, nearly two full days after the parade, that I would’ve seen everything there was to see, but every time I scroll through my Twitter feed it seems like there is something else to feel good about. The latest is this:

Delivering political commentary isn’t my game, and I go to great lengths to avoid it. I will, however, tell you about my personal philosophy, which is to be as nice as possible to others, make the best of every day, and soak in life’s special moments. People can be awesome, and the video above captured a great moment in a week filled with them. I’ve never been happier to be around this city and its (mostly) great people than I’ve been these past few weeks. It’s been better than anything I could’ve possibly imagined—and I’ve spent nearly 30 years trying to imagine it. Philly Philly!


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  1. Why doesn’t the mayor have the balls to come out with an estimate of the people at the parade

  2. Anyone who thinks Aton Shander is packing more heat and shooting thicker ropes than Ty Johnson is out of their minds.

    I know someone who hooked up with Aton and they said he was 4 inches hard at best. 4 inches. He also rainbow kissed this girl that’s where you eat her out when she’s on her period bloody mess.

  3. I heard that when Cecily was riding Eytan, he was so big she could only get down half of it. Legendary.

    1. Cecily only did it to get back at Sheena. She left town because she couldn’t resist Eytan’s monster. It was breaking up her relationship and she had to get away to save it.

      Shander’s python is legendary.

      1. I am so sick of guys like Eytan and their huge rods. They get whatever they want and fuck whoever they want. It’s not fair.

    1. But he shouldn’t. Everyone in the office is getting one. It cheapens the ring.

  4. I also heard when was in college guys used it as a golf tee.

  5. It’s really sad that this site has gone from a Philadelphia sports blog to some gay meeting place. Every fucking time I come on here, all I see are comments about dicks. Either Kyle needs to take a stand against gays or I’m not coming back on here. As an old school black man, I hate gays, y’all know that.

    1. Seth, you’re a fucking dinosaur. All of your points about the Eagles have been wrong all year. The game is completely different now from when you played. You know nothing. Us gays love football too.

  6. All these comments about Eytan Shander having a huge rod are so out of place.

    Let me unleash some facts here

    1. Eytan is 3 inches soft, 5 hard. Below average.
    2. Eytan does NOT shoot thick ropes
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    4. Cuz has the rod on the 97.5 staff. It’s a thick piece of salami.

    These comments are just so off base.

  7. That gas station was lit af. I was there to see it firsthand. On 22nd & Spring Garden. A DJ dead ass pulled up with their equipment and went in.

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