You’re Not Going To Believe This, But SEPTA Seems To Be Struggling To Handle The Demand For Passes

It’s Sunday, the Eagles are about to win Super Bowl 52 and you start wondering how you’re going to be able to take off work. You submit, receive approval, and think about how glorious it will be to be surrounded by people in Midnight green. The only thing you need to worry about is the only thing you haven’t thought about: how you’re going to get there.


If you live in the suburbs like me, you likely didn’t anticipate this being a problem. And if you’re like me, you feel like a total idiot. I spent most of the morning watching Fox 29 interviewing people in a line at a train station, many of whom had stood in line for 2 hours. In fact, I have a friend who went to three different train stations this morning just to grab two passes. She struck out three times. And so this raises the question. How are we supposed to be expected to get to a parade if we can’t even fit inside the train?

It turns out that people searching for tickets could buy a maximum of 10 tickets per person. Well, that is, if the clerk knew about the 10 ticket maximum:

Of course, it gets worse:

If only SEPTA had a system of tracks and cars to get the passes out to their other stations in an expedient fashion. This archaic SEPTA policy of buying a ticket in-person was bad enough, but now they expect you to a take a train into the city to buy a ticket to take a train into the city.

Murphy’s law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Unless the city of Philadelphia and SEPTA are able to turn this around, will have to rename it Kenney’s Law.

Seriously, the confusion that SEPTA has perpetuated is unacceptable and has already soured what should be the greatest celebration we’ve ever seen.

The only potential hope? St. Winnie at the Cornwells Heights Station in Bensalem.

Wait. They ruined it again.

SEPTA’d it.

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42 Responses

  1. This is impossibly confusing. Does anyone know if I will have any problems getting on at Frankford (which is supposed to be open, and free) ?????

  2. Why is this a surprise? You mean a transportation system can’t handle a factor of 50 times from what it does on a daily basis? What if your boss gave you 50X the work with 3 days notice?

    1. The miscommunication is what I find the most frustrating. Limits and the types of passing being sold should’ve been communicated to the tellers better.

  3. Anything on Mike Miss whining like a little bi*ch to Sara Spain because she asked about some in the city being idiots after the game. And then losers bombarding her with hate tweets because even after a Super Bowl win, we’re still the most overly sensitive fan base known to man. Guess what theres idiots in every city. Some give others a bad name. It does not matter to me if someone not from here thinks we’re all animals. If I know we’re not, then I am good

  4. Did you ever consider that they don’t have endless amounts of train cars? I don’t think it’s that they are fumbling this as much as, I just don’t think the logistics of moving endless amounts of people is possible

    1. It’s a logistical nightmare. It certainly doesn’t help matters that no one seemed to know if the weekly/monthly passes would also be considered valid.

  5. Do other cities have these problems with their celebration parades? Is it because we win so rarely that when we do have one our parades are way bigger than other similar cities? Or is it because we have poor public transportation when compared to other cities? Or something else? I had such a bad experience in 2008 that I didn’t consider going to this parade for a second, but I feel bad for those that want to go.

    1. Its because they would need about 8000 portajohns per million people.
      The whole city is going to smell like shit and piss.
      Not that it doesn’t now……..but you know what i mean.

    2. Are so much larger and more extensive than ours it isn’t even funny. Take NY. They literally have a dozen of the different lines all over the city. Sometimes four different lines using the same track. If you want to get from point A to point B in Manhattan you could board the ACBD. That’s four different trains on the same route until they split and go in different directions. Not only that but the amount of cars on each train is mind boggling.

  6. You are an idiot if you bought one of these or wasted time trying to get one. The trains the morning of the parade will be a mob scene with no possible way to collect and check everyone’s tickets. Thousands of people packing the trains will make it impossible to do so.

  7. Honestly, not sure how anyone is “surprised” this was going to happen. I was one of the unlucky people in 2008 waiting at the Conshy station as the train wizzed by, full from the first stop. This will happen again. How many people can one regional rail (even with an added few cars) actually get down to the city in a 3 hour timeframe? 5 thousand? Maybe 6? Drive down to East Falls or Manayunk and START WALKING from there, that’s as close as you are going to get.

    1. Where can you ever park in East Falls or Manayunk though? I agree that’s a good strategy but those 2 areas aren’t really full of available parking either.

  8. I actually went to Paoli right away when the plans were announced. Waited an hour to get 6 passes. By the time I left the line was at least 3 hours long. It got worse. A friend told me later in the day it was taking 5 hours. They only have so much capacity. My advice to people is to park down by the stadium area and take the subway.

  9. I also heard people ordering 15 passes at a time. The rep told someone that that train would stop at Suburban station after I read online that it would not.

  10. Just drive your car over to Fern Rock station for BSL or Frankford transportation center and take the El into the city. You could also drive over to Lindenwold, NJ and take PATCO. It’s going to be gridlock inside the city and you might have to park several blocks away to board these other methods of getting into Center City but it can be done. It’s inconvenient and probably going to take an hour or two to drive to these locations from suburban Philadelphia but thats the way it is if you want to see the parade.

  11. no doubt this is a logistical Nightmare and SEPTA is not designed to handle it.

    That said every other day of the week SEPTA blows and is just not worth it.

    They should change their name to SEPTIC

  12. I imagine they have them come in this evening and sleep on cots.

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