Crossing Broadcast: Four-for-Four with Special Guest Jason Myrtetus

On a jam-packed episode of Crossing Broadcast, Kyle, Russ, and Adam discuss:

Sixers: Kyle’s takedown of the LeBron/Malvern Prep rumors (10:03), the hysteria LeBron brings (17:30), why fans are clinging to the rumors (25:00), the anti-LeBron argument (33:00), parallels to the Eagles (40:00), the Philly fan “comfort zone” (42:00).

Phillies: The Phillies’ reported pursuit of Jake Arrieta & Lance Lynn in free agency.

Adam joins and rules on the LeBron debate (51:30).

Eagles: Adam breaks down potential Eagles’ cuts (58:45), the NFL Combine and targets (59:40), entering the NFL Draft as Champions (1:02:00).

Flyers: Russ provides historical context to the Flyers’ 12-game point streak (1:09:40).

Special Guest Jason Myrtetus of 97.5 the Fanatic joins the Pod (1:11:15). Jason defends his LeBron report (1:12:30) and a debate between Kyle & Jason ensues.

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11 Responses

  1. Flyers are the hottest team in Philly and Russ talks about them for 2 minutes? The worst part is that the only sport that Martinez has knowledge in is hockey and you have him on to argue about LeBron?

    News flash for all the imbeciles out there, there’s 0 shot LeBron comes to Philly. The whole front office is embarrassing. They have zoologists as team doctors. Every player with a minor injury mysteriously misses the entire season. If I was LeBron, they couldn’t manufacture enough money to get me to jump into the Sixers dumpster fire.

    1. LeBron is probably going to LA. But he could come to the Sixers of 1 year to see how it works. Any contact he signs will have opt outs.

  2. They clearly are inferior to the 6ixers now. Now they are losing at home. Lebron might stay but his team is never getting out of the Eastern Conference again.

  3. The podcast antidote to sports talk radio…that depends on sports talk radio for show ideas. And now inviting on those very same talk radio hosts! What’s next week – Cuz will be a special guest so he and Kyle can see who can shove more Carlino’s meat in their mouth?

  4. News broke last night about Kyle’s inverted penis and this wasn’t mentioned?

  5. The first half of this was painful. Can’t take the dueling chihuahuas yapping on and on and interrupting each other like the radio shows they mock. Adam is the glue and truly funny, and once he finally bails on this podcast, it will be unlistenable. Need to have a 1-minute rule and if you can’t say what you need to in that time, then you get cut off.

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