Crossing Broadcast: Madness, Turning it Around, Betting on Meatballs

Kyle and Russ discuss Villanova’s NCAA run thus far, UMBC’s upset of UVA (6:30), Nova’s Big East Tournament run (8:30), the Big East (11:00), future draft potential (14:00), Ryan Arcidiacono vs. Donte DiVincenzo (18:30), previewing the rest of the tournament (26:30), a recap of the Sixers, Flyers, and Union (28:00), and Joel Embiid throwing down money on meatballs (31:00).

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6 Responses

  1. Anyone else think it would be awesome if CB got Eyton Shander to do a podcast?

    1. Would be a perfect complement to Kyle’s skill set (Kyle- you’re not that smart so I’ll spell it out for you, that’s not a compliment). His most recent contribution to local sports media content was taking a sports station hostage on a Saturday afternoon with a “Kyle Scott like” hot take…. UMBC’s win over Virginia is a bigger upset (including magnitude/impact) than the 1980 US Olympic team defeating the Soviet Union…. with a “chaser” of Oliver Mccall-Lennox Lewis being a bigger upset than Douglas-Tyson. Just brilliant analysis. You can’t even run errands on a Saturday with out a quick sampling of this kind of trash. Crossing Broad/Kyle Scott Laskowski’s Tee Shirt Palace is a perfect landing spot for that kind of content. There are local delicatessens with sponsorship contracts in hand. These guys make Josh Innes and Skip Bayless look like Bob Costas.

  2. I’d really like the chance to never listen to a celebrity of his stature as well, Right in the Gooch. I’m currently batting 1000 on missing the CB podcasts but skipping it it just doesn’t have the same cachet when it’s just Kyle and some other dude talking.

    You get a big timer like Etan on there and we refuse to listen to that as well? Now that’s some powerful apathy, brother.

  3. All lower seeds on the other side of the brackets. It’s like the Phils tainted championship against the Rays. Sox should have won that series than we would have had a classic Phil-Sox series. Look they won the title and you can only play who is in front of you but there is always that little bit of doubt because it was the Rays. A team that played in and still plays in a third rate minor league park. Nova validated themselves with their first title against a legit opponent.
    How would you like Nova vs Nevada. To quote a famous QB. You like that!!!

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