Haloti Ngata Deal is Done

Photo Credit: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

One year, three million dollars is the word from Mike Garafolo and others.

Seems a bit steep for a 34-year-old defensive tackle coming off an injury-shortened season, but the Birds are going for it, replacing Beau Allen with 12-year veteran Haloti Ngata.

Ngata met the media today and was asked how much he has left in the tank:

“I feel like I have a lot. I didn’t want to finish my career on injured reserve. That just lit the fire more, for me to play. I’m just excited that the Eagles wanted me and that I’m here.”

He was also asked about his time with Detroit and why the transition from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense was so smooth:

“Just taking the coaching, really, just being able to be coachable, and I think having your teammates help you out with some of the techniques. That’s what I feel like I’ll get here, too, with some of the defensive linemen here.”

“We kind of did the same thing in Detroit, where we rotated a lot. Just being part of that defense and knowing that I’m going to play a lot, it’s me being a veteran leader but also still being able to contribute on the field as well. It definitely appealed to me.”

Ngata will wear #94 for the Eagles. He’s worn #92 for the entirety of his career out of respect to one of his idols, Reggie White, who he described as a great person off the field and a God-fearing man.

Cool pic here:

Ngata is 6’4″, 340 pounds but one of the more soft-spoken guys I’ve ever heard.

Listen to his first media availability here:


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  1. Don Jr’s wife just filed for divorce….. I guess she couldn’t handle his 9 incher…..

    Handsome, billionaire with a huge C0CK… I’m sure he can’t wait to be single.

    1. No doubt that guy is guna go on a legendary tear.

      I’ve always been a huge fan of Ngata. I hope he has a good healthy year.

  2. The next time Uday is getting fucked will be when he goes to federal prison for treason.

  3. Why are the Eagles filling their roster up with so many aging, washed up has been, defensive linemen?

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