Inject The Last Episode of “Tom vs. Time” Into My Eyeballs

Yes. YES. Nothing will fuel me more than hate-watching that weird fuck Tom Brady lament losing the Super Bowl and the ensuing stain on his legacy. I need this encoded into DNA and pumped into my sporosomes.

A clip from the last episode of Tom vs. Time, which drops on Monday, was posted on Facebook today for your gleeful pleasure. And I use the term drop with great intention, so as to symbolize what it’s like when you roll out for a trick play and watch the ball squicle between your fingers.

Let’s see that pouty face:


I, for one, can’t wait to see how Tom rationalizes losing to Nick Foles on the biggest stage. Really, this episode should be a clinic in spin, which took over a month to craft because the producer forgot to account for the possibility of the Eagles winning. The Eagles won the Super Bowl last month.


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  1. Sue serio’s tits look amazing today . My gawwwwd 🍆🍆🍆🍆

  2. Yeah he’s still the best player in NFL history and it isn’t even close, and his wife is one of the highest paid supermodels ever

    jealousy is a stinky cologne

  3. I threw the Super Bowl because FUCK Tom Brady, and FUCK Robert Kraft, and his whorey 32 year old ‘pregnant with someone else’s kid’ skank. They all went behind MY back. THERE! I’ve made up for Spy Gate. You’re welcome Philadelphia!

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