Joel Embiid Is at the Hospital and That Doesn’t Seem Good

This is a poor development.

Embiid left the game tonight after getting hit in the face by Markelle Fultz’s shoulder. He did not have a concussion and X-rays were negative.

However, after 11 p.m. tonight he posted the following on Instagram, from a hospital bed:

Markelle Fultz also tweeted:

Not good.

The first thought here would be an orbital fracture, which is not fully debilitating from a basketball sense, but still a highly suboptimal injury.

We’ll have more as it becomes available. Video of the injury is after the jump.

Maybe it’s just me, but you can actually see something move unnaturally in his face when he got hit.

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11 Responses

  1. Pause the video at the 29 seconds mark. Look at his “healthy” right cheek bone. Now look under his left eye. That left cheek appears different and flatter. Very few people require overnight “observation” for a contusion. I honestly do not think this is good news.

  2. What happens from here on out is neither here not there. The process worked. Please note the past tense. Anthying else good that might happen would just be gravy.

  3. I don’t think this was the impact ppl were looking for from Fultz

  4. fultz is an idiot. can’t stand that stupid fultz skoal chant too. should have redshirted fultz

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