Marshall Harris Is Out at NBC Sports Philly

The ultimate utility man, Marshall Harris, who has been with NBC Sports Philly for 10 years, is OUT at the network, according to Jeff Blumenthal of the Philly Business Journal.

We heard last night there was another change at the network. Harris hasn’t tweeted about it and still lists the company in his handle, but it sounds like his contract was not renewed.

It’s hard to really extrapolate any takeaway from this since Harris is just the latest well-known personality to leave the network, but it seems somewhat surprising given his ability to fill just about any on-air role– anchor, host, reporter and so on. It seemed like he did a little bit of everything.

There’s a weird shift going on in mainstream Philly sports media, with each of the established players trying in their own way to embrace a shift to new media. WIP features its stable of loosely-connected podcasters and gives them traditional airtime. 97.5 has been a bit more organic in its shift, using Natalie Egenolf as sort of the face of its online presence. And CSN has been trying to loosen up its vibe with a shift toward #debate, relaxed-fit attire, and Michael Barkann’s blue glasses, while beefing up its streaming capabilities and offerings. has become largely irrelevant.

The problem, in some cases, is that traditional outlets are trying to graft online content formats onto mainstream platforms, or vice versa. The very nature of what makes a good podcast is stripped away when it’s put into traditional radio frameworks where it must adhere to all the business interests and sponsor-first segments.

Similarly, taking a bunch of folks who are really good at reading a teleprompter and putting them in informal settings has varied results.

The formats and incentives of new media and old media often don’t align and produce misshapen products when blended.

Regardless, it’s a touch unclear why NBC Sports Philly would let go of Harris, unless it’s strictly cost-cutting (we’re hearing Michael Barkann has been re-upped, and he ain’t cheap). He was, if nothing else, one of their younger (hipper?) personalities who seemed comfortable in most settings. He certainly wasn’t bringing deep, next-level analysis, but he also wasn’t wholly awkward the way some folks are.

All of that being said, John Clark has more or less become the face of the network, covering the big games, landing the best assignments, and having a truly stellar social feed (sometimes I get pissed how quickly he gets stuff up on social media). He’s like the unicorn who can do TV and master social media at the same time. Also, he’s not a source for me on anything, so I’m not kissing his ass– I just think he’s really good.

Anyway, Harris is gone as CSN continues to trim some fat and shift toward a multi-platform approach.


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    1. CSN should hire fatass Josh Innes for a two hour morning show and have him bloviate hot takes and spit venom towards fellow media members whilst devouring greasy turkey legs like Ben Stiller at the end of Dodgeball.

  1. Time for me and my good buddy, the honorable Reverend Jesse Jackson to rally the troops and lead a protest March in Philly.

  2. I guess I’m irrelevant because I check more than all those other sites combined.

  3. If nothing else, this will save Ricky Bottalico from strangling the pompous m-f*cker.

  4. Had beers with this dude multiple times.. sad they let him go.

    he should group with Ike and Marks.

  5. Except when Tornoe scoops Kyle in getting radio wars ratings. Hilarious.

    Also, no mention of The A t h l e t i c in Kyle’s razor-sharp analysis of the shifting media landscape. I wonder why? Maybe Kyle isn’t “kicking ass” as he promised?

  6. Sad all the veteran beat writers and media are slowly getting knocked off. Going miss marshal and Ricky bo going at it.

    1. Will miss this too!! Ricky used to give him the raised eyebrow while Marshall just defended himself smiling. Ricky doesn’t do that w Amy. And I must say she is knowledgeable and a quick wit!!

    2. That’s what I’ll miss the most. The good natured jabbing back and forth between Marshall and Ricky Bo
      Why couldn’t it be Barkann ?
      It won’t take long for Marshal to get a new gig!
      Best wishes

  7. Likely an assault case that will be swept under the rug. You don’t let go or fire minorities unless you absolutely must or risk backlash. Common sense people.

    1. Hate that butch when she calls and sings .
      I’m thinking marshal got accused of a #metoo incident.
      No way they let him go with how knowledgeable he was

  8. They should have let Danny Pommells go. He speaks in nothing but annoying cliches.

  9. 9.87…. always a favorite of mine…. the “someone else scooped us (what else is new) but we’re going to claim we heard this last night so it seems like we’re a legitimate site and in the loop” chills…. nice try sewer rat…. cut/paste/fluff and pack/ship is what you do…. own it

  10. I like Marshall Harris I thought he was really good at what he did. Comcast you think about replacing Michael barkann with Marshall Harris Mark has been around way too long!!!!

  11. He’s ok on TV but no way do I want hear him do more shifts on the radio. As far as Barkass, he will be on C S N until he is six feet under.

  12. I was watching PST a few weeks ago, Marshall and Bob Ford were panelist and Amy Fudol was the host. Her and Marshall had a few arkward moments that day.She was pissed at him.

  13. Marshall Harris brought nothing to the table. He is probably the unhippest man I’ve seen giving sports commentary. Even when he tried to be casual he wasn’t.

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