Nigel Bradham Is Signing a Five Year, $40 Million Extension

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

That is actually money he’s rolling around in.

Howie does it again. The Eagles are reportedly re-signing Nigel Bradham to a five-year, $40 million deal. It’s unclear how much of that is guaranteed, but what is clear is that this likely spells the end for Mychal Kendricks, who otherwise would have a $7.6 million cap hit.

Here’s Jordan Raanan of

Nailed it. Much was made of the Eagles’ cap situation, but NFL GMs have countless resources at their disposal to manipulate the true cap hit without having to blow up a roster. Trimming some fat here and there, a restructure here, and, boom, cap space.

Bradham was, obviously, a huge part of the Eagles’ defense, and keeping him around alongside Jordan Hicks (if he’s healthy) evolves the Eagles’ excellent linebacking corps. Kendricks had a great season, but was never a true fit in Jim Schwartz’s scheme, so it makes sense that he’d be the #capcasualty here. The Eagles might repeat.


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  1. Espn also had a pic of Goode on thier website when they reported the story so Copy and Paste strikes again.

    1. Crossing Broad business model confirmed! And yesterday there was a picture of Ertz for the Trey Burton article.

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  2. 53 is bradham. so did they change the picture to show bradham or are you guys morons all along?

    1. The pic has been changed, originally it was a pic of Najee Goode rolling around in Confetti making snow angerls in the superbowl, which is why it says in the headline that Kyle wasnt quick enough to change.

      “That is actually money he’s rolling around in.”

      1. 9.78…. copy and paste Chills…. so many t-shirts, so little time (for accuracy)…. but why does accuracy matter when you can take other folks work (without bothering to check it for accuracy), spend time criticizing the work of people who actually come up with original content, and brag about attending a school that’s embarrassed to admit you’re a graduate

  3. I have to think his salary will be the absolute min allowed. A significant bonus. Cutting or trading Kendricks will probably pay for the next couple of years. However, the real key is the 3rd year and how that hits the cap. I doubt years 4 or 5 have any guarantee. Year 3 might not either. Probably a very smart move by the Eagles.

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