Notes from the Houston Police Department’s Michael Bennett Press Conference

Photo Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Unless you’re living under a rock, you heard that new Eagles defensive lineman Michael Bennett was indicted Friday afternoon on a felony charge of “injury to the elderly,” stemming from an incident that Houston police say took place at Super Bowl 51.

A release from the district attorney’s office claims that Bennett was in Texas last year to watch his brother Martellus play in the game for the New England Patriots. Afterward, it’s stated that Bennett pushed his way on to the field after he was told by security that he had to use a different entrance for field access. Bennett reportedly hurt a 66-year-old paraplegic woman in the process.

Houston police held a press conference around four o’ clock this afternoon and said the following:

  • there is no video of the alleged incident, but a police officer witnessed it
  • the indictment took more than a year to process because more significant cases were being prioritized
  • Bennett pushed two other security guards (one a 28-year-old white woman) in addition to the elderly black woman and forcibly opened locked doors to access the field
  • the paraplegic woman suffered a sprained shoulder
  • he cursed at security guard and a police officer who tried to stop him from entering the field

The Eagles released a statement later in the afternoon:

“We are aware of the situation involving Michael Bennett and are in the process of gathering more information. Because this is an ongoing legal matter, we will have no further comment at this time.”

Here’s the indictment, which reads that Bennett pushed “her arm and body with his hands” –

A conviction on the felony charge could result in 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The only thing I’ll say from an editorializing standpoint is that I find it hard to believe that there were no cameras in the area. You might remember that Tom Brady had his jersey stolen after the game and it turned into a ridiculous search involving the FBI.

Here’s the full video from the presser. There’s a question and answer session with media that starts a few minutes in:






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    1. Can’t wait for Kyle’s excuses later when nova loses in an hour. I bet it’ll be something like, “West Virginia should’ve been a higher seed” or something weak like that. Villanova is such a bitch choking squad every year and is definitely not Philly.

  1. Howie did not do any homework on this pos before trading for him?

    1. yeah, he forgot to check the police cases in all 50 states.
      howie sure is a dumb mother fucker!

      1. It’s his fucking job Rae !! Hope they cut that pos but if he gets me 8-10 sacks I’ll look the other way

    2. Pete Carroll knew this sh*-00t was coming down the pike so he traded him to the eagles SHHHHHHHH

      “Eagles pull off surprising trade for Michael Bennett?!”

      Seattle got the last laugh on chomping at the bit Howie Roseman.

  2. On another note you know that police chief uses the n word after a couple beers

    1. N words use the the N word constantly, in addition to Cracker and White Boy.
      I hope you and this nagger Bennett both end up in prison soon.

        1. Go actually smell one and get back to me, Cletus.
          I don’t know the scientific explanation.
          Maybe it’s the thick dense wool trapping sweat.
          Regardless, it’s true.

  3. Lying about the Las Vegas police was atrocious, but this may actually be worse. This guy is absolute trash. He is a divisive race baiter who the main stream media will not call out. They made a big deal of his IG post but said NOTHING after it was proven false. Horrible human being who feeds an even worse MSM.

    1. anytime I see someone complain about the ‘main stream media’, I see ‘I dont know what I’m talking about’

      1. ^^^^^^^
        correct, because you are a simpleton and suck up everything you hear on CNN and MSNBC as if it were the gospel. You are basically a puppet.

        1. Lmao, calling him a puppet for following CNN and MSNBC while you yourself spew your Fox narrative bullshit is quite rich.

  4. Oh, and don’t think what happened in Vegas wasn’t the cause of the indictment. All the PoPo around the country are out to take the man down. It was also timed to cause maximum grief to the Birds. One thing you can count on is 4 game suspension from the league. Even though this will be plead down to a misdemeanor Roger will make sure to bring down the hammer. I like how the DA said they had more important things to do before they got around to this a year after the incident happened.

    1. The Eagles should have the trade voided because the Seahawks KNEW about it. No doubt.
      Bennett will get a pre trail intervention, community service, and the whole thing will be removed from his record.
      Hopefully the trade gets voided, and he screws up again within a year, and he ends up in a cage where they all belong.

      1. First of all most teams employ retired detectives and Feds who investigate all players before signings says:

        Find it hard to believe that the Birds didn’t about incident. What they didn’t know is he would be charged. Don’t blame SEA. They only have to disclose injuries. It’s up to the team making the trade to do due diligence. The trade will not be voided. Also do you think SEA try to pull a fast one when all the other teams in the league would take note of it and be much tougher on trades in future. This isn’t like selling a lemon to someone who answers your ad in the paper. In that case buyer beware.

    2. He will face exactly zero games suspended. This guy will pull the race card as he always does and Roger will be attacked a racist he knows this.

  5. Listening to the wiggers on the radio defend this nagger Bennett makes me want to string them all from trees.

    1. Turn the radio off.

      The girls are going on stage soon and you need to finish mopping.

      And there is a big mess in the champagne room you need to clean up.

      1. You think this clown has a job? Probably lives off of disability and complains about welfare queens all day on his Facebook.

      2. If I posted enough of my resume on here, a SJW would try to hunt me down and ruin my career.
        Same reason I don’t have social media in my name.
        But, keep telling yourself BS like I’m a janitor, and those black lies matter.

  6. Can’t take credit for this one, as the news just broke a couple hours ago. Chalk this one up to some folks having jobs that don’t require combing the internet. Keep my name outcho mouf

  7. The security guard was black, he was doing the world a favor in my opinion. That gimp was really keeping the stadium safe, give me a break.

  8. the tape will show that the 66 year old paraplegic woman actually first pulled her gun on Bennett and pinned him to the ground face-first while calling him the N word.

  9. Just some Rootin’ Tootin’ Texas DA trying to look tough by going after NFL players.

    All the knuckle dragging Trump supporters and racists will love it.

      1. So none of the racist comments on this thread bother you.

        But you object that racists will feast on this story.

  10. Please don’t worry everyone, CNN will be here soon to explain to us mongrels that this is just another example of the kind of oppression blacks face in society and why this elderly woman should have just owned her privilege and gotten out of Michael’s way.

      1. Is there a jurisdiction of any size run by black people in the world you would like to move to if you had the money?

  11. Expect him to call every radio shift for the next two days. Howard will give that moron 15 minutes of airtime on Saturday.

  12. There were 269 murders in that city last year. There are almost 13,000 assaults. How many press conferences were held to talk about those assaults. What a joke!!!

    1. I hope one day a 300 pound man assaults, curses at, and tosses your wheelchair bound mother/wife/daughter to the ground. We’ll all point at and laugh at you for hopping up and down, flapping your arms, and screeching like a weak little girl over that minor incident.

      1. I heard he actually picked the woman in the wheelchair up off the ground. And then dribbled her like a basketball. And then spun her on his finger and then tossed her into a trash can. All while whistling Sweet Georgia Brown.

        But the lame stream media won T report that!

    2. You obviously have no clue and are a MSNBC watcher conspiracy theory weirdo because they absolutely HAD to call a press conference about it because they are aware of how PC the media is and if God forbid, they didn’t have all their ducks in a row, they would be absolutely crucified.

      1. Hahaha calling someone a conspiracy theory weirdo then talking about the PC media conspiracy. Bravo troglodyte, bravo.

  13. I can live with him accosting a disabled security guard occasionally. Go birds!!!!!

    1. That’s how I felt until I read in the article that one of the security guards was white. Can’t be touchin the white wimmens.

  14. lies about the LV police, race baits. but he protests the anthem and is bl_ck so the democrats suck his coque

  15. His pending book Things that white people unfortable. My book “why can’t some black people follow rules or obey the law”. He is part of the thug culture that Pete Carroll cultivated in Seattle. POS!

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