Report: Eagles Restructure Lane Johnson’s Contract

Howie Roseman does it again.

With the Eagles needing to shed nearly $10m in salary to get under the cap, they made big strides on Tuesday, according to ESPN’s Field Yates:


Right, so Lane isn’t taking a pay cut, the Eagles are just moving money around to negotiate the salary cap. Shout out to him for being a team player and helping the organization. That’s the kind of culture they’ve built at the NovaCare complex.

Johnson signed a 5-year contract extension in 2016, worth up to $63 million with 35 of that guaranteed.

They still have to slash around three million to get under the cap, which could include cutting one or more of Vinny Curry, Brent Celek, and Jason Peters. They cleared around $4m with the Torrey Smith trade, but that savings does not go into effect until AFTER March 14th, since he was not released.


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  1. March 13, 2018 at 9:34 am
    Hey Kinker, when was the last time you got a check from Kyle? Do you enjoy using food stamps at the food bank and going to the free clinic with your Medicaid card? Do you like lighting up your studio apartment with candles every night so you don’t have to pay electricity bills? Do you get the hint???? Please quit this job and do something decent with your life! You are way too smart to be working for the tshirt hustler!

    1. Kinker gets paid $525,000 per year plus page view bonuses. People like to shit on him and Aton Shander but combined they both clear a cool mil. What are you doing with your life?

  2. Fantastic move by Howie. With the stroke of a pen he gets us under the cap before the deadline tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what else is in store. Also, Unlike Fred apparently, I admire your tenacity at CB in pumping out content with throbbing hot takes in the face of all the blogging adversity the internet can muster.. Keep it real bro.

  3. With the Flyers and Hakstol deciding to turn hockey into must-avoid TV this month it’s nice to hear stuff like this.

    Fire Hakstol. They were winning in February despite him.

  4. What’s the point of a salary cap if teams can use this method to circumvent it?

  5. what nothing on Ngata….you should be embarrassed…

  6. The persistent trolls that post here are weird. Every single time there is someone with a strange personal dig or something about thick ropes. It’s like, what is gained with the non-stop effort? Is it like a disgruntled ex-employee or something? I can’t imagine someone is so bored that they would make an effort to post every single time. If someone hates it so much, idk just don’t come to the site?

    I like the game breakdowns and the site stays on top of Eagles news, just speaking for the silent majority that this is great blog and the non-stop trolling is just odd and useless.

    1. Says the guy trying to be witty with his handle. Not to mention making light of a guy’s cancer battle.

      1. Nice try but it addresses nothing about the point that was made. Love Kruk, he was very open about his battle with cancer in order to help raise awareness, quite fankly he wouldn’t hesitate to laught at a nut joke.

      1. Anger against = thoughts about. Dudes posting about thick ropes clearly have thick ropes on their mind. Like, A LOT. Just embrace it, don’t fight it.

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