Howie Roseman does it again.

With the Eagles needing to shed nearly $10m in salary to get under the cap, they made big strides on Tuesday, according to ESPN’s Field Yates:


Right, so Lane isn’t taking a pay cut, the Eagles are just moving money around to negotiate the salary cap. Shout out to him for being a team player and helping the organization. That’s the kind of culture they’ve built at the NovaCare complex.

Johnson signed a 5-year contract extension in 2016, worth up to $63 million with 35 of that guaranteed.

They still have to slash around three million to get under the cap, which could include cutting one or more of Vinny Curry, Brent Celek, and Jason Peters. They cleared around $4m with the Torrey Smith trade, but that savings does not go into effect until AFTER March 14th, since he was not released.