Reports: Trey Burton Out, Gargantuan Run-Stuffer In

Photo Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Trey Burton’s free agency departure seemed inevitable.

Looks like the Birds’ backup tight end is heading to Chicago, per Mike Garafolo:

It’s not a bad landing spot for Burton, who will make a deserved $32 million over 4 years, according to Ian Rapopppppppport.

He’ll join an offense featuring a young quarterback in Mitch Trubisky and a pair of good backs in Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen. Chicago’s receiving and tight end production was mostly wretched last year, so Burton will have a chance to stand out immediately as he assumes legitimate starter snaps instead of being a peripheral piece, which was the case during his entire Eagles tenure. Sometimes that periphery including throwing Super Bowl touchdown passes, and sometimes it didn’t.

In a separate move, it looks like the Eagles found their Beau Allen replacement:

But a Lions beat writer is pumping the brakes:


Let’s assume he signs –

Ngata is 34 and has a lot of wear on the tires, but it looks like he’s coming here on the cheap. Considering what you have in Michael Bennett, Fletcher Cox, and Tim Jernigan, you’ve already got a strong presence on the interior defensive line. But with Bennett lining up as a defensive end in your base package, there will be plenty of snaps for Ngata next season. Remember, Beau Allen played 400+ downs as the third tackle on the depth chart, so look for Ngata to get his.

He’s a massive human being, standing 6’4″ and weighing 335 pounds. I’m 6’1″, 165, so he would certainly pancake me into oblivion.

To that point, he’s always been hard to move, a stout run-stuffer who just occupies a ton of space at the line of scrimmage. He played the prime of his career as a nose tackle in the Ravens’ 3-4 system before switching to a 4-3 in Detroit back in 2015. A torn bicep ended his 2017 season after just five games.

Here are his career stats:


The Birds just keep adding to an already stacked roster, and fans of the 31 other NFL teams aren’t happy about it:


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  1. Beau Allen has fucking better numbers over the last 3 years Big Beau was injury free & is much fucking younger.
    Not really an upgrade . Beau was a character too

  2. SCHWARTZ: Hey Howie, it looks like we’re a little thin at linebacker. Maybe we should make sure we resign Nigel Bradham. Also, our safeties are kinda old. Seems like we are set at cornerback and D-Line.
    ROSEMAN: Sure, signing Bradham is my top priority.

    ROSEMAN: [trades Torry Smith for Cornerback]
    ROSEMAN: [signs Haloti Ngata]
    ROSEMAN: [resigns Patrick Robinson] *projected*
    SCHWARTZ: [blood pressure rises, veins bulge out of his forehead and neck]
    ROSEMAN: “Hey, with Andy Reid paying $9 mil/yr for Hitchens thus raising the market for LBs, and our cap situation, we’re going to have to let Bradham walk.”
    SCHWARTZ: [pulls out handgun, shoots Howie, then turns gun on himself]

    Just joking around with this, they’ll likely resign Bradham, and Howie will like trade a CB or two for picks. Just though the scenario was pretty hilarious.

  3. Dak Prescott and Alex Smith better stock up on the Depends now because they’re gonna be doing alot of pants shitting once they see this new D-Line. Get used to staring at the sky from your backs, boys.

    P.S Fuck the Cowboys.

  4. Bro, you’re 6’1″ and you weigh 165? Wow bro. You’re mad slight bro. I’m 5’11” 195. 10%BF. Try lifting bro, maybe then you wont look like a chick.

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