The Eagles Are Going For It Again

It’s wang season.

Last year, when Howie Roseman began flopping it on the table, we all sort of rolled our eyes, fully expecting his acquisitions of mid-career vets to backfire.

It didn’t.


That’s good, right?

This likely means Vinny Curry is done:

I believe this is called retooling. Retooling, I’LL RETOOL YOU! Howie Roseman just retooled the world Fucking champs.

Side note: Bennett’s lack of shoulder pads drives me crazy. Not sure how I’m gonna assimilate to this, but I’m sure I’ll find a way.


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    1. Hawks under Carroll is anything goes type of atmosphere. Bennett is a really smart guy. He will fit in and not cause any disruptions. I like the energy he will add to an already great defense.

  1. wonder if any journalists in this city will actually do their job and ask Bennett why he lied about his altercation with Las Vegas police.

    I’m betting on them remaining the cowards that they are

    1. Probably not. All the philly beat writers seem to be hardcore liberals via following them on twitter

  2. Dude is a horrible human and liar but if he gets 8-10 sacks I’m ok with that

  3. “Last year, when Howie Roseman began flopping it on the table, we all sort of rolled our eyes, fully expecting his acquisitions of mid-career vets to backfire.”

    Speak for yourself, Kyle. Not all of us are idiots like you who constantly get everything wrong. Go back to the comments on your posts and you will see plenty of us reasonable folks telling you how dumb your takes worry when you worried about stuff like trading Matthews for Darby, signing Blount, etc.

  4. SIGH {long pause} I’m not sure about this trade, Glen. But I’ll take a wait and see approach so I can’t be wrong.

  5. Bennett might be the biggest pos in the nfl. Hate this dude , his shoulder pads, his eyes and his race baiting . I’ll 100% be cheering him though when he gets a sack

  6. Is Everything That is wrong with liberal media in a nutshell. (CNN, MSNBC, etc)
    They focused and put a spotlight on his ridiculous baseless fraud lie of a story, but they never follow up on the “story” when he was 100% proven wrong.

  7. Everyone here summed it up well. Bennett is a total jackstain. They added a player, great, not sure if they needed him tho. Ugh, this guy better not disrupt the locker room. Not a fan of this trade.

  8. Not sure if you’ll read this but if you do…thank you Mr. Bennett . I met you a couple years ago at an autograph signing at the KOP mall. I told you I was going through a divorce at the time and that the Seahawks had helped me get through it. You screamed help and called me a racist. I’ll never forget those words. Thank you once again sir.

  9. I wrote a song about Howie that I’ll be preforming on all WIP shows tomorrow. It’s set to the theme music from Schindler’s List … it’s aaaaaaamaaaaazzzzzing and I’ll cry also cause I want Joe and Jon to tag team me and knock the dust off my box

  10. I know Colleen from WD. Whatever you think of her, I 1000% guarantee it’s worse.

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