The NFL Films Super Bowl LII DVD drops today, and I think I know what roughly 85 percent of Eagles fans will be doing when they get home from work tonight. If history gives any indication of its quality, then it’s going to be awesome, because those guys always crush it on these projects. I had an opportunity to speak with NFL Films senior producer and Temple alum Todd Schmidt, whose fingerprints are all over the film. I asked him what he thought fans would enjoy most about it. Here’s what he had to say:

“I think that fans will enjoy the last 17 minutes–the Super Bowl. All year the Eagles were a team that schemed really well and executed even better. The Super Bowl just paid off in such a big way. You really see and hear what’s going on behind the scenes and then the final minutes just take you over the moon. It’s a great payoff. Make sure to watch through the final credits for an extra surprise.”

Oh. I like surprises.

On a personal note, I previously had the opportunity to work alongside Schmidt during my time at NFL Films. No bullshit–the guy is flat-out one of the best storytellers there is. The film will be sure to add a timeless mystique to the season the way that only NFL Films can.

You can purchase the film on iTunes for $12.99 or rent it for $4.99, which seems ill-advised. You can also buy it on Amazon here [that’s an affiliate link], where it’s also as low as $12.99 to buy. You’re going to want to watch it again, and you know it. Now is not the time to be cheap.

If you’re into actually owning the DVD or Blu-Ray, you can head over to the Eagles Pro Shop at Lincoln Financial Field to pick it up, or you can order it online here.