The Phillies Won’t be on TV Three Times in April


NBC Sports Philadelphia announced this afternoon its Phillies broadcast schedule for the upcoming season that begins in Atlanta a week from today. In what would be an otherwise ordinary press release, this particular part stood out:

In a first for the network, the Phillies vs. Mets game on Tuesday, April 3 at 7 p.m. will be exclusively live streamed, accessible on and on the NBC Sports app. As previously announced, the Sixers and Flyers’ games on April 3 at 7 p.m. are scheduled on NBC Sports Philadelphia and NBC Sports Philadelphia+, respectively.

The schedule also indicates the April 4 contest against the Mets at 1:10 p.m. will be streamed exclusively on Facebook, which has an agreement with Major League Baseball to exclusively stream 25 games this season. The April 26 game against the Arizona Diamondbacks will also be aired exclusively on Facebook. That means two of the Phillies’ first six games and three total April games won’t be available on television.

The decision to stream the April 3 game rather than air it on NBC makes sense on the network’s end. The Sixers and Flyers are both in the midst of playoff pushes, thus it affords them the opportunity to showcase their streaming option and app instead of bumping regular network primetime programming.

The news will annoy some. I know it’s 2018 and easy to stream games, but it’s a bit unusual that a major market team with a decent amount of hype surrounding it would have two of its opening week games altogether removed from television. Maybe I’m not in tune with the viewing habits of the older demographic, but I can’t picture people like my 71-year-old father holding his iPad up to watch the Phillies game on Facebook.

You can view the full schedule of NBC Sports Philadelphia here:


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  1. BWanks… Baseball fan…. probably 5’10”, 140lbs???

    What a little low T bitch. At least Kevin watches UFC.

  2. Can we make this the last year for Schmidt? His commentary sucks balls. He flies into town for a weekend, spews a few cliches, and zips out. He adds nothing to the broadcast. Maybe grandpa will insult a few more latin players again and get fired.

    1. I think Schmidt is a bit more in tune with the team than that, but I agree in that he brings nothing other than cliches and tired anecdotes about the way it used to be.

    1. I miss hating Wheels. For that alone, I miss him.

      Today’s clones are all so boring I really don’t listen to them.

  3. I’d love to see more games on Facebook. Maybe even Amazon, Netflix, Hulu. Cable is all but dead. If MLB wants to keep fans, they better be on the platforms younger generations are actually using.

  4. Please… not everyone has Facebook or even the ability to stream games. Example, I have an aunt that watches the games on TV… just finally got her used to NBC Sports Philly and NBC Sports Philly+, cannot turn on a PC, let alone use one… and you want her to stream from a PC or a smartphone or tablet, neither of which she cannot use? You’re lucky she can use a damn flip phone.
    For what? So you can get the older crowd to do something that they cannot understand? Get out of here…. stop trying to pedal services that some should not even own since they have no concept. Bad enough your broadcast teams all blow chunks.
    PS.- I won’t even mention those who are over 40 and have the WORST eyesight because of the fact that things have to go through streaming. (And I am in THAT bunch!)

    1. Aunts who watch all the games on teevee must be like 40% of the Phillies’ viewship in years when they suck. Don’t know wtf MLB is thinking.

    2. I don’t have facebook. I’m not old either. Just don’t need it.

      Bad enough that all the games are on cable only (no Philly 57 or Channel 29), then to not have the channels to play them? F! You own the cable company. You have 1000 channels already. Use another channel.

      What a joke.

  5. You failed to mention the possibility of more games being unavailable if the Sixers and Flyers are playing on the same day. Usually the NHL and NBA will work to avoid this but it may be unavoidable once or twice.

    Also I am surprised that they aren’t offering the game on 10.2 Cozi, which isn’t even HD but at least it’s something. I predict Angelo is going to whine about this tomorrow and his audience of 60 year olds will too.

  6. Remember the days you held the transistor radio to you ear to listen to the game? Welcome to the new times, folks!

  7. this is fucking bullshit. the reason i have fucking comcast is because i want to watch the phillies. i cant stream on MLB .com because im “in the viewing area”.

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