This was’s headline in a Tweet linking to a story about Kevin Hart’s appearance on Conan:

Kevin Hart explains why he tried to crash Super Bowl stage

OK, I’ll bite. Let me take a stab at the answer before ever clicking play on the video: Hart was drunk and, trying to channel his inner Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore (second day in a row with a DB reference– drink) in Fever Pitch, felt entitled to be on the field af Super Bowl podium because he views himself a Philly superfan, and since he was never stopped from running onto the court at Sixers games, even though he can’t claim the courtside celeb crown from M. Night and the incarcerated shell of Meek Mill, he still thought that, somehow, because he’s funny and shouts a lot, he’d make it up there.

Let’s go to the tape:

“I was a little thing called intoxicated. Now, it was done correctly. I don’t get many days off, people. This was a day off and a historic moment, I’m at the game, all of my friends from Philly were all in the suite, my wife is there, and we were just having the best time of our lives. And with that good time, we’re throwing them back. So, we win, and something in my head said I need to go down there with the team.”

Nailed it.

That said, actually pretty cool that he owns this. Most celebrities would try to apologize and move away from their drunken escapades. He owns the shit out of it, and somehow makes it funny. Pretty sure all of us would’ve done the same in his situation, too.