You Can Now Watch Super Bowl 52 Highlights In LEGO StopMotion

I’ve watched the full-length replay of Super Bowl 52 four times, the condensed highlights no less than 20 times, and individual clips more times than I can count. I had not yet, however, watched the game’s scoring plays in LEGO StopMotion synched with the NBC broadcast audio, which is now something that you can do:

Extra props for the omission of Cris Collinsworth’s analysis. A most excellent edit.

I’m not exactly sure why somebody would take the time to build and produce this video, but I’m sure glad they did. It’s both mesmerizing and glorious.


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  1. Is this from the regular guys who do this? It seems unwatchable compared to what I’ve seen in the past. Turned it off halfway through. And even though Cris is gone, Al should have made way for Merrill & Mike.



  2. The Eagles released Trey Burton today. Sad. He is truly a Philadelphia legend. Best of luck to him. He was always nice to me. Hope he gets paid.

  3. Kyle has been in hiding ever since that post about his inverted penis……everyone knows and hes embarrassed

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