It’s a coffee table book, about coffee tables.

It is no such thing– rather, it is a beautifully crafted, exquisitely designed, must-have item for literally anyone who has ever rooted for the Eagles.

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Tom Zenner, the owner of Ultimate Winners, a company that creates gorgeous commemorative books for championship seasons, reached out to me this week about promoting their Birds championship book. Uh, with pleasure.

192 pages, hardcover, with beautiful photos, the book takes you through the entire Eagles 2017 season in literal graphic detail:

The largest, most stunningly-beautiful, highest quality and comprehensive look at the 2018 World Champion Philadelphia Eagles. This team defines what a team of destiny is all about, winning their first NFL championship since 1960 and securing their place in Philadelphia sports history forever. Carson Wentz led the Eagles to the best record in the regular season, but suffered a crushing knee injury that would end the dreams for most teams. Not the Eagles. Not this year. Head coach Doug Pederson refused to allow his team to miss a beat, and led by the greatest backup QB in football history Nick Foles and the most passionate fan base in sports, the Eagles stormed their way as underdogs through the postseason to hoist their first-ever Lombardi Trophy.

This is the only book that captures every single moment and magical memory of the entire season all the way through the epic parade and party in downtown Philadelphia. Ultimate Winners showcases all the stars, chronicles all the right moves, and shows in stunning detail how the Eagles are simply in a class of their own.

192 Pages, with a free poster in each copy, this hardcover commemorative book was written by Philadelphia sports experts specifically for any and all Eagles’ fans.

This is the ONLY way to re-live every magical moment of the 2017 season and the 2018 playoffs. Each page of Ultimate Winners reminds fans what an incredible team they were treated to follow.

Tom has been producing championship books for years, and has received rave reviews, including from the likes of Rick Welts, the Warriors’ president and COO, and countless happy Astros, Warriors, Cavs and other fans. He’s basically cornered the market in glorious championship books.

If you need further convincing, here are just but a few images from this bad boy:

It gets better. I’ve seen books like this go for $75+. No joke. Ultimate Winners retails for only $54.99, but, as you might expect, we have a promo code.

The normal discount in other championship markets is 10% off, but because we are known for our ability to move high-quality merch, we’ve secured a 20% off code just for you, the CB reader. Just use code phillyspecial and this book is yours for – math – $43.99. That’s it. Less than $45 for 192 pages of championship glory. Yeah, let’s do that.

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