Howie Roseman does not stop. When he’s not dunking on opposing general managers, constructing championship rosters, and waving his, uh, magic wand around as he performs his salary cap wizardry, the man is up in the gym getting in a good sweat. From Alshon Jeffery’s Instagram story this morning:

Body by Howie. I love the modesty at the end. He’s not working out for show or glory. You won’t see him on Instagram taking progress pics to rack up the likes from adoring and willing fans. No. He’s putting in that early morning work because he knows the body is a temple, and it must be at peak condition in order to optimize the mind’s capabilities. That’s how you dominate at life.

As for the workout, I’ll be honest–I have no idea what he’s doing here. It’s like a cross between a triceps throw down, and some type of sensual yet commanding thrust. Whatever. I like it, I trust it, and I will immediately incorporate it into my bi-monthly workouts moving forward.