UPDATE: Ben Simmons Will Be Featured on 60 Minutes on Sunday

This pretty much says it all:

There was an excellent piece on Giannis a few weeks ago, so my guess is this will follow a similar road and take us back to Simmons’ home in Australia (Steinfort is based there) and through his progressions as “the next LeBron.” Somewhere, Donovan Mitchell readies himself a shirt. May I suggest:

Get one.

UPDATE: So apparently this will only air in Australia, which I wasn’t even aware was a possibility. But you’ll most likely be able to find it online. We’ll post a link once it’s available.


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  1. Just because Ben Simmons is a tall, muscularly-built pretty boy with rugged good looks, who makes millions of dollars doesn’t give him the right to act as if he owns the world.

    1. But he owns your sweet ass doesn’t he Fredo?
      And you enjoy it because you’re ‘smart’.

  2. Maybe he can take a group shit with Imbiid and CorssingBored
    put it up as ‘breaking news’.

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