UPDATE: Ben Simmons Will Be Featured on 60 Minutes on Sunday

This pretty much says it all:

There was an excellent piece on Giannis a few weeks ago, so my guess is this will follow a similar road and take us back to Simmons’ home in Australia (Steinfort is based there) and through his progressions as “the next LeBron.” Somewhere, Donovan Mitchell readies himself a shirt. May I suggest:

Get one.

UPDATE: So apparently this will only air in Australia, which I wasn’t even aware was a possibility. But you’ll most likely be able to find it online. We’ll post a link once it’s available.

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8 Responses

  1. Just because Ben Simmons is a tall, muscularly-built pretty boy with rugged good looks, who makes millions of dollars doesn’t give him the right to act as if he owns the world.

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