Reported by Field Yates this morning….

…and then confirmed by the Pro Bowl right guard himself:

Talk about a teammate, yo.

I thought Brooks was one of the Eagles’ most unheralded players this past season. Maybe he was THE most unheralded player. Did you ever hear his name called? How many penalties? He was reliable and steady. 99 times out of 100, he was just quietly going about his business, blocking someone into oblivion between line partners Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson

And he did all of that after a 2016-17 season in which he struggled with anxiety and missed a couple of games.

Just another good story in a season full of stories.

As for Foles, if you missed it this weekend, Ian Rapoport and Mike Garafolo shared some new details on his revised contract:

Creative. I like it.

It’s player-friendly stuff that still gives the Eagles flexibility and kicks the cap hit can down the road a bit. They don’t really have to worry about “down the road,” however, since they’re in position to make a repeat run at the Super Bowl.