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Well holy shit. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that Meek Mill be released on bail. Better yet, Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin is picking him up from jail, according to TMZ.

By my calculations, this should give them plenty of time to get down to The Center for Game 5.

Building is going to be so lit.


I almost feel bad for the Heat. Almost.

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43 Responses

    1. 4/5 odds this convict with commit a felony and/or violate his parole
      within the next 6 months.

    1. and meek mills salad hole.

      this is really sad Kyle.
      At least your idol is out of prison now.
      Are you going to put his poster back up on your bedroom door now?

  1. Love philly, used to like rap it sux now, with that said meek blows. The only thing I didn’t care for about eagles SB run was using his music

    1. This guy named Kyle Scott Laskowski. No relation to CB’s Kyle Scott. Just a coincidence. Move along.

  2. That means the Cuz and Shander will be on camera all game!!! Awesome baby!

  3. JESUS CHRIST…kyle sure does chug on meek mill junk doesn’t he?
    this changes no ones life at all.
    Thanks for wasting the bandwidth kyle and teh hotjar tracking.

  4. For that matter, when is any contest winner going to be announced? I don’t recall anyone winning the Eagles tix or Propane contest either. C’mon Kyle- that Tole Bro’s tract home in Purrkahsee can’t be setting you back that much. Climb into your Audi A4 (driven primarily by women) and Pick me up and let’s go to the game.

  5. I could watch nerdy white men fawn over jocks and rappers all day long. Kyle have you offered your wife to any BRUTHAZ yet? The Democratic Plantation known as Philadelphia rejoices that a con that has spent 10 years on probation was freed today… Mikey Miss might call a hit on you so he can suck his d**k first

    1. lol I love watching pussy whites melt… your brain has to fry daily at the facts #CKY

  6. You think the Cuz will talk about this tomorrow morning??? He’s guna be sitting next to Meek courtside!!! Awesome baby. Love the Cuz.

  7. Yes I will be sitting with Kev and Meek tonight. Feet on the court baby. Probably get some Nicks Roast Beef pregame. Guna be a great night. 6ers get the series tonight baby. I’ll probably plow some skanks with Meek and Kev later. Not everyday that the white guy is bigger than the 2 black guys. 10 inches baby!

    1. Awesome baby!!!! I hope you glaze those bitches with your monster ropes !

  8. Douche chill overload…. wormy little Kyle referring to Meek Mill on a first name basis., licking more Michael rubin ass (in the hopes he gets thrown a crumb), and giving his take on the NYC radio market…. icing on the cake is anytime Kyle references one of his “insiders”…. who are either non-existent or basically other listeners “who know someone who knows someone at the station who knows the janitor”…. what time do you start comparing bourbon notes in your basement tonight (with your wormy, skinny jean wearing, beard-sporting friends)? Any chance you’ll be wearing your smedium “free meek” t-shirt to cover your pasty little arms?

    1. Bro, why all the hate towards Kyle ?

      He may be hung like a field mouse, but he runs a good site. Why you on here if you hate him so much?

  9. As if Eytan Shander doesn’t get enough pussy. Now he’s sitting front row with the Cuz, Meek, and Kevin Hart. Shander is probably going to bang a perfect 10 tonight whilst 2 other 10s scissor right next to him. Not fair.

  10. Hopefully cuz doesn’t call out tomorrow morning with all the temptation surrounding him tonight

  11. Kind of a weak bell ringing from Meek. Of course Kevin Hart tries to leetch the moment. Love that he was booed.

  12. Jus took a piss wit da Cuz… dudes 9 inches soft yo… crazy big dong on dis white boy.

  13. I like how tools like Kyle assumed this means the Heat were just going to roll over tonight.

  14. Heard cuz was hanging all night with meek and Kevin, they were going rope for rope glazing the faces of Sixers cheerleaders. Meek and Kevin couldn’t believe that such a fat white dude could have such a huge dong. Cuz easily had them beat by a few inches and had much more girth.

  15. It’s why we need Trump in office to Make America Great Again.

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