Brett Brown’s Locker Room Speech Is So Perfectly Endearing

Hard to imagine a coach who deserved getting wet more than Brett Brown.

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7 Responses

  1. Brett should have the cuz come in next series to give a pregame speech . Matt ruhle did it while at temple and they won

  2. I love how the Cuz got in to the locker room with Meek and Kev. Those guys are awesome.


  3. I bet Brett could pull some young puss if he wanted too.

    Also cuz going nuts this morning . Love it

    1. Gotta love it when the cuz jerked off this morning while talking to Brett Brown.
      I’m all in on the Cuz.
      What a great show!

  4. I loved is when Cuz took a shower with Meek , Kevin and Imbiid and they washed each others backs.
    Totally in on the meat locker!

  5. Any update on Meek bare assing it and taking a shit last night at the game?

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