Crossing Broadcast: Clap Your Hands, Everybody!

Kyle and Russ discuss:

  • The Sixers’ first round win (0:00)
  • Meek Mill’s release (1:00)
  • Former Sixers in attendance (5:00)
  • The success of our teams in 2018 (6:00)
  • The rise of the Sixers and fall of the Flyers (10:00)
  • How the Sixers embody Philadelphia (15:00)
  • JJ Redick’s play and leadership (19:00)
  • The Sixers’ resurgence and atmosphere (22:00)
  • Looking ahead to Boston (27:00)
  • FiveThirtyEight projections (30:00)
  • Chris Carlin’s demotion (35:00)

Audio after the jump:

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11 Responses

  1. Are we going to have to hear Kyle’s slurping sounds when he talks about his hero..the felon Meek Meal
    getting released?

      1. drug dealing is a felony SMF.
        try consulting a law book and quit dreaming of tossing Meek Mills salad.

  2. isn’t Meek Mill the guy that got slaughtered by Drake??? Are there not better Philly rappers out there than him?

  3. In all honesty, I don’t understand how WIP stays in business. Just listen to Ant and Mike for an hour … no chance you’ll ever put in WIP again. The Cuz and Mike do the best shows. Especially today. Both shows were perfect.

    1. The Cuz is nothing more than a buffoon.
      Get it through your thick FN skull……
      If they did a better job, they’d have better ratings….thats all there is to it.
      but they don’t. so shut your cake hole and quit slobbering all over that fat fuck gargano’s garbage
      every chance you get.

  4. I heard the Cuz and Elton Shandler sandwiched Sheena Parveen down in D.C. last night
    behind the cheetah exhibit at the National Zoo.

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