Crossing Broadcast: The Phantom of the Process

Kyle and Russ are joined by Sixers beat writer and host of “It’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia” Kevin Kinkead and Crossing Broad contributor and co-host of “Crossing Broad FC” Phil Keidel to recap the Sixers’ Game 3 win over the Miami Heat. They discuss:

  • Initial takeaways (1:00)
  • Belinelli v Redick (6:00)
  • Embiid’s impact (8:00)
  • Whiteside (11:30)
  • Fouls (13:00)
  • JJ Redick is a truffle? (17:00)
  • Using a short bench (21:00)
  • How to use Markelle Fultz (22:00)
  • Joel’s mask (25:00)
  • The mid-game coach interview (33:00)
  • Telecast reviews (36:00)
  • Joel’s postgame comments (38:00)
  • Miami playing chippy (41:00)
  • Sixers/Heat v Flyers/Penguins (45:00)
  • Twitter questions (57:00)
  • Off the rails (1:00:00)

Audio after the jump:

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6 Responses

  1. 12 minutes before Bob is allowed to say a word on the show. Two guys who should never speak except for doing news updates, Bro and Eytan, get to speak before Bob. Show is total garbage!!!

    1. Cuz is delusional if he thinks the PD is going to send him on all these road trips during football season. Maybe he should try and not get doubled by Angelo in ratings and focus less on his terrible meat locker show and free trips. Also whats with the update girls, Eytan and Nat getting all this air time?

      1. a sponsored meat locker on the airplane to London was cuz’s most ridiculous idea ever.

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