It was just a year ago when former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver — and current 67-year-old has-been — Drew Pearson came to Philadelphia and, in the shadow of the Art Museum, did this:

What a difference a year makes. Pearson’s beloved Cowboys tripped all over their collective junk on their way to a desultory 9-7 season, which only became a winning season because the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t really try to beat the Cowboys in Week 17. The Eagles had bigger things to worry about than beating the Cowboys, you know, since the Birds had already locked up home field throughout the playoffs. While the Cowboys watched the playoffs at a safe distance, the Eagles won the franchise’s first Super Bowl.

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones certainly enjoyed Pearson’s performance during the 2017 draft:

The 2018 NFL Draft is winding down at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, otherwise known as “Jerry World.” Jones probably thought hosting the draft in 2018 would be a fully joyful and self-congratulatory experience.

Jones made a crucial miscalculation, though: He forgot to account for David Akers:

You knew when Akers started off with the WWE-esque delivery of “WHAT’S UP, DALLAS” with the accompanying pause for effect that he was coming in hot. There are times when athletes try to rise to an occasion only to find that the occasion is bigger than they are. For Akers, this was definitely not one of those moments.

“Tonight, I’m representing the Philadelphia Eagles: NFC East champs, Divisional champs, NFC Champs, and world champs!” Look at the double fist pump Akers punctuates “world champs” with. It’s the sort of moment anyone who has ever really despised a competitor dreams about, the ability to soak up the derision and the taunting and say, “hey, have some of THIS.”

And…he wasn’t done.

“Hey Dallas,” Akers continued, channeling every wrestling heel who has ever belittled the city he was performing in, “the last time you were in the Super Bowl, these draft picks weren’t born!”The loop closed perfectly with the Eagles’ pick, which Akers delivered with emphasis: a tight end from South Dakota State named — wait for it — Dallas Goedert. South Dakota State isn’t a college football power, but then again the last time the Eagles traded up to take a player from the Dakotas, it worked out great.

What makes this perfect moment even sweeter is that the Eagles traded up to pick ahead of the Cowboys to take Goedert with the knowledge that the Cowboys’ veteran tight end, Jason Witten, is heading to the Monday Night Football booth sooner than anyone expected. Witten’s retirement leaves the Cowboys with a gaping hole at tight end that Goedert could have filled.

That is, if the Eagles hadn’t snatched Goedert up, while the draft was going on in Dallas, and sent up David Akers to kick the Cowboys in the down-belows one more time in announcing it.

Up, and good.