Donte DiVincenzo Will Enter The NBA Draft

Me, on March 17:

As noted previously, I was laughed at, scorned, mocked and derided for my superior take. Russ told me I was being ridiculous.

Villanova, today:

Gulp. If DiVincenzo and Omari Spellman leave, there’s a real possibility Villanova will only be a top 10 team next year. I’m not even sure how to deal with this.

I wrote at length about DiVincenzo’s draft prospects earlier this month. My guess is he comes back for another year. He would be able to play himself into a high first round pick and be a candidate for All-American.

That said, currently has four Villanova players going in the first round:

That is astounding. Omari Spellman would be the perfect, er, spell for Embiid, too, seeing as though he can step outside and hit the three. Regardless, this is early days and it’s quite possible that both Spellman and DiVincenzo return for another season and National Championship, but this is quite the list.


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  1. Sixers aren’t drafting Spellman with their own pick. It’ll be a stash or they’ll trade it. They have the Lakers pick plus Bolden coming over, plus Fultz and Korkmaz…. how many rookies or 2nd year players do we think a 50+ win team with deep playoff aspirations is going to have?

  2. Hey dickhead, just because he gets drafted, doesnt mean he is an NBA player….unless you consider hasheem thabeet an NBA player. Save your home run trot for when he actually makes a roster you dolt.

  3. All the shit you throw at the wall it’s about time you got some to stick

  4. 9.99…. trolling chills…. the usual, lame, “I’m Kyle the worm and I’m catching up on my Villanova trolling”…. and just an FYI- just about anyone in this region would take a 12 hour car ride with Colin Cowherd for the chance to punch or swirly you. I’m just pissed the guys you went to High School with ever let you out of your locker. This site excitedly jumps up and down to claim “victory” because it collectively has zero credibility and rarely has reason to (and this ain’t one of ‘em). I’m sure you and the staff high five after making a new high score on your video game of the week too. Tool.

  5. Spell man won’t be playing much 5 at the pro level. He is a potential stretch 4. He is not someone who could spell Embiid for any great length of time. Sixers need a rim protector off the bench for when Embiid is out of the lineup. I don’t think that’s Spellman. Although I still like him at 26 as a guy they develop into a stretch 4

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