Eastern Conference Playoff Scenarios

Photo credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Four games tonight will decide the Eastern Conference playoff matchups.

Here are the possibilities, courtesy of NBA media:


Toronto, Boston, and Indiana are locked in. They can’t move from the #1, #2, and #5 seeds.

I like scenario one, personally, a 3/6 matchup between the Sixers and Wizards. It’s much more likely, however, that it’s gonna be the Heat or Bucks instead.

We shall see.

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3 Responses

  1. Its simple. Washington will beat Orlando tonight. Cleveland will beat the Knicks. Okay…

    So now we’ve got Milwaukee. IF they win, they get to play Cleveland and Lebron in the first round.
    If Milwaukee loses to us, we get the 3 seed, not Cleveland. Then Milwaukee depends on Miami.

    If Milwaukee loses, and Miami loses, Milwaukee gets the 7th seed and plays Boston.
    If Milwaukee loses, and Miami wins, Milwaukee gets the 8th seed and plays Toronto. Miami also gets the 6th seed.

    So basically, Philly wins, they play either Washington and Miami, depending on if Miami wins.
    If Philly loses, they play Indiana.

    We know Philly is going for the 3rd seed. If you are Milwaukee, do you try to win, to guarantee a first round series with Lebron. It might benefit Philly if Lebron loses first round, he will jump ship.

    If Milwaukee loses though, they take the risk of betting on Miami losing to Toronto tonight, in order to capture the 7th seed and playing against Boston.

    Basically, you win and play Lebron.
    You lose, you have a 50/50 shot of either Toronto or Boston. Assume Milwaukee wants to play Boston the most.

    If I was Milwaukee, I’d plan to lose and take the half half shot of playing Boston or Toronto vs. winning and guaranteeing a game vs Lebron.

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