Here’s the Sixers’ Playoff Schedule

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Prime time slot on Saturday tonight to kick things off:

They’ll get two days off between games two and three, which might be perfect to get Joel Embiid back in the fold. There’s also two days off in between games four and five.

Let’s get ready for playoff basketball.


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  1. flyers are a rebuilding team who earned a 6th seed despite having half the roster filled with dead weight and playing a quarter of the year with a 3rd/4th string goalie who sucked. they took 17 of the final available points to make the playoffs as NJ columbus and florida were all sizzling hot down the stretch. they had the 5th best record in the nhl since december 4th. two of the pens wins came in 3 on 3 gimmick wins, whoop dee doo. get a grip man.

  2. What a great game last night and it’s so freaking amazing to have some play off sports in this town again. This time last year was endless moping on sports talk radio about the Eagles and Mikey Miss saying “Doug Pederson should be fired if he goes 9 and 7”. This year we’re superbowl champs and the process is going to bring another happy ending to this town.

    What a time to be alive.

  3. for once I will give credit, because nobody wants to remember there was a Flyers game last night. This blog stood fast in never making an indication that there was a game.


  4. Gatta give credit to the Cuz. He called it this year for the 6ers. Said they would be the 3 seed.

    1. I don’t know about that. But I will give him credit for having a 10 inch rod that shoots monster ropes.

  5. Pajama warriors had a late night of designing dorky t-shirts.

  6. Cmon NBA – 7 game series that takes over ten days? It’s a two hour flight from Philadelphia to Miami….76ers in five

  7. Thank god Bryan Colangelo came in and improved the team. Adding people that can shoot made all the difference in the world with spacing and a watchable offense.

    Sam would still be “collecting assets” and trading away talent for more and more “assets”.

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